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from Stephen Silver
"Anyone intersted in getting paid less than $4 for a fully colored illustration? that will take about 10-20 hours of your time per piece including revisions and more. These artists are. THIS IS NOT WORK, IT IS ABUSE!!, Artists who are bidding on this, DON'T!!! go get a job mowing lawns, it will be alot less stressful, more relaxing, it will pay more and you can be outdoors. enjoying life. You will suffer greatly taking on a project like this. I am warning you. This is not an opportunity or exposure. It is FREE work in order to line the pockets of a company, nobody is going to see your name and if they do, they'll pay you the same wage. Please spread the word and help get artists there value back. VIVE LA ARTIST!!!!"

800 children illustrations | Illustration

ow to read (in Hebrew language). There will be teaching games that requires simple illustrations. Please find the attached file with all the words that needed to be illustrated and the examples of the images. In total there are 800 illustrations. Following are general guid...

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