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McLeod 15

OHohoh a gravity child

McLeod 13/02/2012 18:33:06   
Throneofsouls 1

Creepy being with hellish pupils hovering over head...good way to kick off a comic.

The shading and perspective is pretty good too.

Throneofsouls 20/03/2014 05:51:04   
Death-carioca 30

So, is she like, hunting his boyfriend or something?

Death-carioca 22/03/2014 00:15:13   
Throneofsouls 1

I believe she & the guy were once a couple,then broke-up at some point which both,( especially the woman)didn't take well. So it does seem like she's hunting & or attempting to gut him.

Throneofsouls 28/03/2014 05:38:14   
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