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4139 vues
6 commentaires
Robot Panda 7

Beautifully drawn, the story is charming, I loved reading it! It's just awesome!

Robot Panda 26/01/2012 13:26:01   
GinIchimaru 1


GinIchimaru 28/01/2012 10:06:55   
Kiyohisa 1

It's... unusual

Kiyohisa 29/01/2012 09:12:12   
IchigoKurosaki 1

I like the style of the drawing, and the story is original too, that's very cool !!!

IchigoKurosaki 30/01/2012 08:35:47   
Biram Ba 1

I like it, especially the color work on the cover. I also like the expressions, as long as they're more natural (like the girl in panel two, she looks great). The "manga" expressions in panels 4-6 kinda ruin the mood for me.

Biram Ba 18/03/2012 22:32:50   
TroyB 41

It's very cool is that a one shot or ongoing ?

TroyB 22/03/2012 13:44:34   
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