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5 commentaires
Toh 7

Okay...So I wanted to try out a new line art technique and also decided on the go to try coloring things up a bit. Tell me what you think. Do you like it like this or you prefer the old format. All critiques and remarks are welcome!

Toh 27/01/2012 08:12:09   
ceco1 6

its ok, but I really prefer the old style.
Something its just not right with this image - maybe with colors you are not letting the reader to use his imagination to fill the gaps (for example the clothes of the noble guy - I imagined them way more like an armor)
But do try this style, after 3 pages we will see if I still have the same opinion

ceco1 27/01/2012 09:15:17   
Elentari 1

The colors are a lil too dark, but since it is how you see things I guess it's fine^^ The blue-haired guy looks cool and I gotta admit you can draw some pretty handsome men hoho

Elentari 27/01/2012 11:16:49   
Michaël 22

Cool dark colors!!

Michaël 04/02/2012 17:27:26   
White Wolf 1

yay color!! awesome!!

White Wolf 19/02/2013 02:16:59   
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