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Chewys 27

Time to sufferrrr

Chewys 28/03/2019 20:02:13   
AceAssassain 8

Mass Destruction will occur on page 8

AceAssassain 02/04/2019 19:17:33   
Chewys 27

Still waiting for mass destruction

Chewys 17/04/2019 22:41:30   
AceAssassain 8

Chewys a dit: same here bro idk why the author keeps disappearing

AceAssassain 02/05/2019 00:26:40   
Chewys 27

Well... i guess you know, work, life, family, all that stuff
He's a dad, remember. Of a young teenanger if i'm not mistaken... so, i'm just grateful he has time for his hobby at all

This comic should be well known and he should be able to live out of this. I'd love to see a TV series of this.
Heck, this should be the next Game of Thrones!!!

Chewys 02/05/2019 01:40:39   
AceAssassain 8

Chewys a dit: I Agree sometimes I wait like a week to check so I have more than one page to read because every time he uploads one page a day I always wonder what will happen next plus I want to see how happy Kodo and Ryna will be to see each other again

AceAssassain 04/05/2019 04:25:50   
Chewys 27

Chewys 04/05/2019 08:26:30   
AceAssassain 8

That show would be very funny with all the sound effects he shows in the panels to

AceAssassain 14/05/2019 23:57:49   
AceAssassain 8

Well Chewys, Taresh had a streak going with uploading the pages but its gone

AceAssassain 04/07/2019 21:09:49   
Chewys 27

I just hope he is fine... i'm starting to worry about him

Chewys 05/07/2019 03:48:44   
AceAssassain 8

Same here man but Tbh he's probably traveling with his family for summer vacation time so...

AceAssassain 09/07/2019 01:01:11   
el oculto 1

Anyone known anything about him?

el oculto 18/11/2019 00:44:40   
Chewys 27


Chewys 24/09/2020 01:58:52   
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