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Hey, is it possible for me to become some sort of Editor kinda guy who makes sure the English used has PERFECT grammar? I'm what people call a 'Grammar Nazi' and every time i see a mistake in the grammar, I cringe a little. Now, I know, it may be difficult for you to properly translate the entire comic into some language which is not your first language, and that you may not have the time to take care of spelling mistakes and all, and I respect that. I just want to make sure you get the grammar thing down so that other Grammar Nazis like me won't feel compelled to correct your grammar with annoying little comments. Also, I don't want such an awesome comic (Really awesome comic by the way, LOVE IT!!!!!) to lose out on that little bit more of awesomeness because of incorrect grammar in certain places. I work for free too!

Saitu 30/05/2013 09:11:54   
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