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TroyB 41

Hi Amilova !!!

Dear Nomya readers, I just fixed all balloons from the 1st page to now + added a nice new font.
Hope everything is fine now and your reading of Nomya will be even better . It's a nice manga, please comment and give feedback !!!

TroyB 10/11/2011 19:10:15   
Gaara 1

I like it

Gaara 11/11/2011 10:53:16   
Alex Xaysena 12

Gaara a dit:I like it
Thanks a lot.

Alex Xaysena 11/11/2011 22:03:44   
NatsuDragneel 1

interesting style Alex gg

NatsuDragneel 11/11/2011 17:41:05   
Alex Xaysena 12

NatsuDragneel a dit:interesting style Alex gg
Thanks a lot.

Alex Xaysena 11/11/2011 22:04:06   

loooool Amilova, good one Alex !

DRAGONBALLZ 12/11/2011 13:02:47   
Alex Xaysena 12

DRAGONBALLZ a dit:loooool Amilova, good one Alex !
Thank you ! Amilova like the city of Nomya, and she's with Megane (from Hemisphere) in this page.

Alex Xaysena 13/11/2011 20:14:58   
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