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Nueva página de Tales of the Interbor

En English, chapitre 8, page 16


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So, it looks like TotW has gained more favourites despite being on hiatus for so long. If anyone has been wandering what I've been up to, I've recently released a novel:

WICK (The Spark Form Chronicles Book 1)

Release Date: 1 August 2015 Currently available for Kindle via the following links: US  -  UK  -  DE  -  FR  -  ES  -  IT  -  NL  -  JP  -  BR  -  CA  -  MX  -  AU  -  IN DESCRIPTION Saturday June ...



Wow...dropping by after a long hiatus and I see that people are still reading Tales of the Winterborn! Thank you everybody, that is awesome!


So, in case hasn't seen yet...as is, TotW is taking a hiatus for who knows how long. My ability to write it in a way I'm happy with has kinda...been gone for a while. I hope I can return to it in one way or another at some point, but for now there's nowt else to come. Sorry peeps.

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