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U.N.A. Frontiers

U.N.A. Frontiers : comic portada

In this story, civilization was considerably devastated but not quite plunged into a new dark age. However, society is stuck with 19th-century conditions because the easily accessible resources that enabled the mechanization of the early 20th century are pretty much gone. Nevertheless, small, hidden hi-tech enclaves cling to life, including an undersea habitat in the Caribbean which finds itself in deep trouble when an aggressive and expansionist South American empire comes knocking. The majority of its population retreat to the deep bunkers and shut down the upper complex to make things difficult for the attackers.

Two escapees, a teenage boy and an aquatic AI, make their separate ways to the North American mainland where each must survive on their own and seek help for their cause in a world gone back to the horse and buggy. Another AI, a 4,000-year-old alien probe, joins the fight, having kenned to the presence of another self-aware robot on the planet (which was his homeworld's criterion for establishing contact).

Dibujante :

Traductor :

Versión original : English

Actualizado en : En pausa

Género : Fantasía - SF

Tipo : Cómics
(Cómics occidentales (lectura de izquierda a derecha))

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Ebooks U.N.A. Frontiers disponibles a partir de 1
UNA Frontiers Vol. 1 : Volumen 1
Volumen 1
UNA Frontiers Vol. 1

Format : PDF
Páginas : 105
Peso : 15.7MB
Precio : 1€

UNA Frontiers Vol. 2 : Volumen 2
Volumen 2
UNA Frontiers Vol. 2

Format : PDF
Páginas : 99
Peso : 23.8MB
Precio : 1€

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39 Comentarios en las páginas de U.N.A. Frontiers

Death-carioca Death-carioca 18jul ch1 p10 Se acabó la traducción de ryuga:(

39 comentarios en otros idiomas.

Coydog Coydog 4nov ch1 p1 It's coming...
FelixTheCat FelixTheCat 9mar ch1 p1 Eagerly awaiting chapter 15!
Coydog Coydog 27ene ch14 p19 Yeah, he's such an adorable little snot!
psyraptor psyraptor 25ene ch14 p19 Such anger in him...it can only lead to the dark side...well at least they have cookies
TroyB TroyB 27ene ch12 p13 Fighting boars... remembers me "LOST" :)
TroyB TroyB 22ene ch12 p4 The way you're cutting scenes is really interesting, attracts attention... Congratulations !
Jesus4U Jesus4U 3nov ch11 p3 A Robot having nightmares ? That can't be good.
Jesus4U Jesus4U 20oct ch10 p40 I'm looking forward to this "true classic" of a 2015 Mazda. :)
Jesus4U Jesus4U 22ago ch9 p33 Poor Dr. Asimov, he had the best of intentions, but I don't think he would be well liked by robots. :D
Death-carioca Death-carioca 21ago ch9 p26 Gracias=Thanks in spanish:)
Jesus4U Jesus4U 16ago ch9 p28 Heh .. little brother ... interesting name for a satellite.
Marialexie Marialexie 20jul ch1 p3 Un monde post-apocalyptique, j'adore !!!
Death-carioca Death-carioca 20jul ch9 p5 Where's the great white?:)
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18jul ch1 p1 The comic looks good ;)
Jesus4U Jesus4U 6jul ch8 p17 Happy horse is SO happy. :)
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