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TroyB 41

I've applied the new font + fixed few balloons. But it was already clean and great Estherrulez did an awesome job with the english version .
Hope you'll enjoy the new font... and then enjoy even more "Nevermore" .

TroyB 10/11/2011 18:55:59   
Yoruichi 1


Yoruichi 11/11/2011 09:04:37   
DoctorKeenan 1

Oh hey! That's nice of TroyB! Anyway, like I always say your very good at getting the point of across; they're mafioso and we know it!

DoctorKeenan 11/11/2011 11:47:02   
Mart 17

The first panel is great.

Mart 11/11/2011 14:17:47   
Renji 1

next text style is making it nice, before Nevermore was not so cool to read now kicks asses thanks guys

Renji 11/11/2011 20:07:16   
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