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Traf 7

Serena is an NPC and behaves like an avatar.

Traf 13/01/2019 18:17:23   
FrenchKizz 32

Why did you think that ?

FrenchKizz 13/01/2019 23:07:34   
Traf 7

Players have nothing to lose so they are not careful. They think and plan, but most of their plans are some variation on "Leeroy Jenkins!"
Just like Serena.
Paulina is probably wondering if Serena is an NPC with a really good AI or if she's an avatar being played by a game employee.
In either case, she does NOT like being second to an NPC.

Traf 16/01/2019 20:31:01   
Chewys 26

She remembered Sasuke´s post about smart NPC´s... she´ll go back to that and connect the dots about Serena being the Amazon that was with Galador...

Chewys 13/01/2019 21:39:17   
FrenchKizz 32

In his post sasuke doesn't say a name if I remember :x

FrenchKizz 13/01/2019 23:09:26   
Chewys 26

Yep... he mentions Galador. He says "she is with Galador".
And he even posts screenshots. It's a matter of Paulina to connect the dots, go check that thread, check the screens and see Serena.

Chewys 14/01/2019 00:09:39   
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Versión original: Français

Ritmo de lanzamiento: Lunes, Miercoles, Viernes, Domingo

Tipo : manga

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