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gobes 19

Reprise des traductions... désolé du retard !

On peut dire que Bradley nous fait une belle démonstration de l'expression "Aboyer des ordres".

gobes 04/07/2014 21:52:20   
ImagineTheEnding 5

Hey, sorry guys for the lack of updates for the french version. The rest of Issue 6 has been updated but I just don't have the time to letter them for Amilova.

Gobes, I am assuming is busy so he also hasn't been doing it.

I apologize. My schedule is just very insane. Hopefully at some point we can start updating this again, but seeing as though I have a new comic job, I don't know if it'll be anytime soon.

ImagineTheEnding 19/08/2014 22:51:00   
ImagineTheEnding 5

And I apologize to the french backers of the Kickstarter. You will all receive something very nice that the English speakers didn't get. That won't make up for lost time, but at least it's a sorry.

ImagineTheEnding 19/08/2014 22:52:07   
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