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johandark 34


Yeah... I remember when I was a child i did the same to my brother! xDD... it was the only way to sleep! xDD have legs in that position is more relaxing xD...

Do you have a little sister? xD

johandark 04/10/2011 13:38:37   
Drawly 11

Haha, no. I'm the little sister
And I agree 100% about the comfortableness of the legs pointing the sky Now I don't sleep like that but when I'm in front of the computer it is best if I can put my legs on the burro and be as lazy as possible D
When I draw tho it doesn't work ;D

Drawly 04/10/2011 15:22:53   
johandark 34

Just the fourth vignette... it´s the most strange of all... I hardly understand what is that... I asume is an eye and a mouth smiling... but it´s a little bit confusing... ^^ the rest is really funny ^^

johandark 04/10/2011 16:00:57   
Drawly 11

Yes, you guessed right :p I never thought about it because I knew what it was but tnx for pointing it out

Drawly 04/10/2011 16:06:26   
studio.takoyaki 32

She REALLY doesn't like her sister o_o
even so she's funny when she sleeps

studio.takoyaki 17/10/2011 13:06:07   
Drawly 11

Haha, it is not disliking, just little sisters can be a pain sometimes

Drawly 17/10/2011 13:16:57   
studio.takoyaki 32

Drawly ha dicho:Haha, it is not disliking, just little sisters can be a pain sometimes

Mimi: I was the little sister... -_-"

studio.takoyaki 17/10/2011 13:33:30   
Drawly 11

Yeah, me too, I am also the little sister. I have a big sister , we were always fighting So this is why I find this scene to be rather natural And sorry if I a fended you, the little sister comment was not with a bad feeling, more like playful

Drawly 17/10/2011 15:07:19   
Kiokochan 1

You can not touch without being touched your self.

Kiokochan 24/12/2012 08:35:23   
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Versión original: Български

Tipo : manga

Género : Fantasía - SF


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