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A now fifteen year old boy who loves readin' manga

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I happened to see this Vampire in London a few weeks ago XD Did anybody else here go to VAMPS' concert? ^M^


extra points to anyone who can guess where I was on Halloween


So that's the Heartagram of Him... so I guess you were at HIM's concert in London :).

I'm a big music lover and I like very much HIM ;).

So that's great, we'll soon see "Invicible" Back !!!

Hehe I forgot Troy has good taste in music ^^
It was a great concert. ;)
Well ! I guess a promise is a promise.....^^;

After a long time, I was finally able to sketch...



I created a fb page for Invincible!
Trying to pick this back up again
If you have fb, please share and like <3



Cool that's nice

Cool :)

shared :)

Thanks you guys ^_^

Hey everyone, long time no see.

I vanished for quite some time...
Sorry about that. ^^;
There were two main culprits:
New job, and the Shonen Jump Contest.
Did anybody else here manage to enter??

I will come back and post more about it later, but for those who are interested,
you can read more detail about my epic battle in my blog:


PS : I missed amilova very very much. x


Protagonist & Orpheus, Persona 3 ^^


Eternal Linker 永久の連動者 Chapitre: 1 page: 14

Eternal Linker 永久の連動者 Chapitre: 1 page: 26

Eternal Linker 永久の連動者 Chapitre: 1 page: 38

Eternal Linker 永久の連動者 Chapitre: 1 page: 53

Eternal Linker 永久の連動者 Chapitre: 1 page: 66


cool nice mangas and comics


Gangsta and Paradise

Chapitre: 1 page: 1

Gangsta and Paradise

Chapitre: 1 page: 13

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