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"The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read." ~Lincoln

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Hello to who ever might read this. I'm just gonna be honest and vent here. I just need to get some stuff out and I don't really have anyone I'm comfortable talking about this with. The past few years have been majorly crappy. Before the middle of 9th grade life was going good. I had friends at Mercy, good teachers, and mediocre grades. Now it's all gone. I would have never imagined after that first migraine that it would get worse to the point of not being able to go to school. I went for a week of school this year and that's all I could manage. Forget Mercy, even the normal HS. I was at the separate HS for kids with needs. It's not like the kids there are mentally unstable or anything they just need more attention from the teachers. So now it's October and I haven't been to school in months. They actually unenrolled me. The only thing I really miss about it is human contact outside my family. It's not even like I have any fiends. I haven't gone there long enough to make any unless you count the teachers. For some reason It always takes me a long time to make friends. I've gone to 5 different schools and I think I've had more pets than friends. Pre.K-5 The whole class was friends because it was about 10 students and we grew up together. 6th grade I made 2 real friends and everyone else was varying degrees of acquaintances. 7th I made 3 good friends and in 8th I made another. 9th I transferred with 2 of them and made another. I haven't heard from any of them in months. But that's also my fault. I just don't know what to say to them any more, our lives have changed. It's just really awkward writing that email. It's like 'Hi! So What's new with you? I've been doing nothing really. Lots of Doctors, Medicine, and pain.'. Now my best friend is my cat Stitch. Which is fine but I can never find her when I need her. Ninja Kitty! I also currently have 4 guppies. Their names are Finn, Launch, Nami, and Rane. I recently had 2 others but Sushi was by an open window at night and Bulma over heated. I forgot to turn of the powerful heater. Oh well. Now I want rats. They are smart. You can train them to do alot of stuff. I'm sleepy. Night Night!


Ooh....rats ARE very cute. Over the years I've had five myself; the first three were Hornsby, Nosegay (raised from babies) and later we got Tousuke. After they all died we got two more later on...Juubi and Lobo (was a dumbo rat; died late July of this year). Juubi's somewhat of an old man now, but he's still fine...I hope you are, too. I understand that our experiences can put us in places we'd rather not be, I really do. The few friends I've had come scarce in communications for me too; it's fine, don't worry too much. There may be a way for you to rejoin those people who were important to you in the future. Distance does not have to mean the end...

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