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Sketchy Naia

I'm currently on a rush due to college homeworks deadlines, at the same time I realized my brain was about to explode If i'm not drawing something LOL. So, this girl came out. I've been practicin lots of things about story telling when drawing a manga-like work. Felt this is just time to going back to the basics. I'm not always adding details to eye shading. Bad thing (It's because I ink small pannel on generic paper sheets, so when i want to ink eyes carefully the ink lines blend into each other creating a black pit effect ahaha, then I prefer to ink them plain). Perhaps the problem is the inking method itself since It doesnt come out the same whay when detailing eyes with pencil and my pencil is almost same nip size if compared after my ink pen o.O. Whatever.... practicin eye detailing from now on =)


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Holi. ¿alguien me podria decir como subir la versión en ingles del cómic? (la que ya tengo hecha, no para traducir)


en gestionar comics, vas al capitulo y abajo te saldra "nueva version". eliges la inglesa y ya ;)

Like a Fairy Tale

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Like a Fairy Tale

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