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Presentación de Kobato Hasegawa

My name is Kobato Hasegawa...
I'm 13 and i'm half Japanese and half English, Nice to meet you all!!

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Français  English  Español  日本語 

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Blog de Kobato Hasegawa

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There's a girl that keeps on saying *Taemin!" "Taemin!"
All the girls screams was so loud!!

SHINee - 110618 [FANCAM] at Heathrow London Airport

SHINee GO TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE SHINEE FANCAMS 110618 Do not own this video, credit to whoever owns it. SHINee fancam at when they go to London for their SM...

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


Just sharing some pictures of Taemin... :)

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


SHINee's BAND sticker has been released.
SHINee's EVERYBODY sticker!!! Check out SHINee's sticker at the BAND sticker shop now.

*Available for both iPhone and Android

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


Taekai is the best friendship ever.. ^^

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original



Lee Taemin Fantastic Moments

YAY! I made a better one! With a new program that doesnt suck! :D I hope you enjoy it! ;) I do NOT own any of the videos, music or persons in the video The m...

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


I love this! I play this at least 3 times a day! XD

Henry 헨리_TRAP_Music Video (with Kyuhyun & Taemin)

♬ Download on iTunes : US: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trap-ep/id659225346 JP: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/trap-ep/id659225346 HK: https://itunes...

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


CUTE!! 2 days ago it was released! :D
It's in Japanese but it well cute!!!!

SHINee -- 「3 2 1」Music Video

2013/12/4 Release SHINee New Single「3 2 1」から 「3 2 1」Music Video(short ver.)を公開! SHINee OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://shinee.jp/

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


WOW! I'm gonna learn this!! :)

SHINee - Hello (english ver.)

Download my music: http://paintwithstars.bandcamp.com/ Paint With Stars Blog (New!): http://paintwithstars.blogspot.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/paintws...

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


Aww! Look how AKB48 are trying to sing in English along with 1D! <3

1D feat AKB48 - story of my life exclusive!

Download 'Story of My Life' here: http://smarturl.it/StoryOfMyLife

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original


I just had the best curry i had in my life!!!!
 Hello how are you lot?!
 -Sorry! i haven't been online, had lots of homework!!! T.T - 

De Kobato Hasegawa - Post original

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