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Eh, eh. Que yo a veces dibujo.

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jinnikukan-deactivated20130601 :


Sorry for this XD

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Edgar, the boy with unbelievably short legs. May this picture serve as an evidence. Gasp.

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I was told a few times now my drawing style seems influenced by Gainax, so I decided to actually try to mimic it. This is just a 15-minute scribble featuring a crack character I created two days ago while studying. The funny thing is I already wrote a short story for her and a logo and… madness.

Returning to the start point, what do you think? does this look Gainax-ish?

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Anonymous :
I really really really love your draws, you must feel proud of you. Good work ^^


Thanks a bunch! really… Although I can’t help thinking we know each other and you’re writing this to cheer me up and encourage me to keep on drawing lol (oversuspicious me)

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Stuck in the middle with Maika's design

The real deal

Here’s Maika, your friendly neighborhood head commander-in-chief of the supreme Elite Squad of Villahells. Good news! although unfinished, I think that will be her final outfit! Now the problem is drawing dynamic poses of her wielding that damn heavy axe. I as a soon-to-graduate physicist I should be able to deal with gravity and inertia but… those filthy bitches. Know your enemy!

Also uploading a master selfportait I drew a few days ago while chatting with this good guy.

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Honestly, I don’t have a clue of how this drawing happened but it was fun to draw.

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Beast hunter

Honestly, I don't have a clue of how this drawing happened but it was fun to draw.


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Forsaken: Guiónes


Esta temporada de descanso que me he permitido para no subir vídeos a Youtube me ha hecho pensar mucho en lo que hago y cómo lo hago. Mi primera elección es que dejo el gameplay y me dedico plenamente a los vídeos de humor, sin embargo esto es más duro de lo que muchos piensan, me incluyo en esa…

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