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#1 08 Oct, 2018 08:42:42


Every student who meets the scholastic requirements should have the opportunity to attend college. Presently, according to the writemyessay research young people are burdened with crushing costs as they learn and study in order to find a place in society and a better job. That’s not the way to spend money and grow the economy.

First of all, the higher earnings of these college students will mean they have more money to spend in the real economy, and also they will pay more taxes to keep the virtuous cycle going. The current system only pays interest to the plutocrats as students are overcharged by lenders. At a minimum, all student debt should be interest free but I would go much further than that.

Second, money invested in things for the common good, like education, multiplies the GDP in several ways. It creates jobs while infrastructure is built, second, it improves the lives of citizens and creates jobs to maintain and operate them. I am talking about fixing water treatment systems (think Flint), building transportation lines to carry solar power from the southwest around the country, subsidizing electric vehicles and solar charging stations, more research into cancer, better preventative health care, etc.

The list of things to be done is much longer than this. I am not a communist, but I do believe in well-regulated capitalism and social spending on things which benefit all of society.

#2 08 Oct, 2018 20:27:59


Tous n'ont pas l'envie de faire des études longues, de plus le problème est un peu moins présents en France car les universités sont publiques les études coûtent donc beaucoup moins cher que dans certain pays anglo-saxon.

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