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We’re happy to be working with our friends from “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora again. “EUROPEAN LITERATURE NIGHTS 2018” takes place on May 9. One of the themes this year is Bulgarian literature in translation. Inspired by this, together with “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora, we will offer something special at one of the locations-caffee “Avgusta” (RHM), Stara Zagora. “IMAGINARIUM FRAGMENTS” is a booklet collecting fragments from our comics published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”. “THE THIRST/ LA SED” is in the language of Cervantes-Spanish, the way it was published in Argentina. “VOICE OF SATORI/ ГОЛОС САТОРИ” is in the language of Pushkin-Russian, the way it was published in Russia. “ARROW OF TIME” is in the language of Shakespeare-English, the way it was published in the USA. “THE BRIDGE” and “REBOOT” in Bulgarian, the way they are published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”.


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Biennale of Illustration 2018 is organized by the site Bulgarian Illustration and Sofia City Library. The historic event commemorates Sofia City Library’s 90th anniversary and 50 years from the First National Exhibition of Bulgarian Illustration. A special selection of the best Bulgarian illustrators will be exhibited October 23 – November 10 in hall “Sofia” of the library. We’re happy and honored to be among the illustrators in this memorable event with our work “IMAGINARIUM”!

Биенале на илюстрацията 2018 - изложба - Българска илюстрация

„Българска илюстрация“ и Столична библиотека ви канят на първото издание на отдавна изчезналото Биенале на илюстрацията. Изложбата, която включва творби на 104 автори, ще бъде открита в 18:00 часа на 23 октомври по случай 90-годишния юбилей на библиотеката. Включените илюстрации са селектирани от над 300 творби на познати и непознати български творци от страната и …


Together with our friends from “RODINA” Library, Stara Zagora, we have a special surprise for the “NIGHT OF ARTS” 2018! On the night of September 28th we invite you to see new comics from our book at our exhibition “IMAGINARIUM: Fragments”, and take a card with our short comics strip! You can also enjoy the library’s special program!


Библиотека Родина - Стара Загора


The 16th edition of COMIC SHOWROOM in VELES, MACEDONIA (September 2018) had more attendees, new guests, and a rich selection of authors, and we’re happy to be part of it for the fifth consecutive year!


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