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We’re happy to be working with our friends from “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora again. “EUROPEAN LITERATURE NIGHTS 2018” takes place on May 9. One of the themes this year is Bulgarian literature in translation. Inspired by this, together with “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora, we will offer something special at one of the locations-caffee “Avgusta” (RHM), Stara Zagora. “IMAGINARIUM FRAGMENTS” is a booklet collecting fragments from our comics published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”. “THE THIRST/ LA SED” is in the language of Cervantes-Spanish, the way it was published in Argentina. “VOICE OF SATORI/ ГОЛОС САТОРИ” is in the language of Pushkin-Russian, the way it was published in Russia. “ARROW OF TIME” is in the language of Shakespeare-English, the way it was published in the USA. “THE BRIDGE” and “REBOOT” in Bulgarian, the way they are published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”.


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Everybody tries to tell us what is the meaning of the holidays. What matters? Where to celebrate? With who? How?
It’s great finding the answers to these questions on your own. Magic is not only in fairy tales. It happens every day. But only when we’re ready for it!
Warm your hearts! Let your eyes sparkle with happiness! Smile countless times! Experience unstoppable love! May every moment give you more bright thoughts, feelings and memories!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Emiliyan and Stanimir

Christmas Collection: Jingle bell rock - Bobby helms

Another addition to our growing collection of Christmas songs! History: Jingle bell rock was originally released in 1957 by Bobby Helms and is still the most...


The “Sofia International Book Fair” 2018 will take place at the National Palace of Culture (December 11th - 16th). You can visit our publisher Ergo’s space at floor III, stand 360. In the rich palette of books, events, and guests, you can find our comics album “IMAGINARIUM”. We invite all bookaholics to this celebration of literature!




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