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Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus is Coming To Town (widescreen)


Other Posts

May 9th is also the day we opened our exhibition “IMAGINARIUM FRAGMENTS OF THE BOOK” at the library. Our comics “THE BRIDGE” will be exhibited for the visitors looking for their next book to read. We donated our book “IMAGINARIUM” to the library, so it can be rented from its rich with diverse and quality literature catalog.


We’re happy to be working with our friends from “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora again. “EUROPEAN LITERATURE NIGHTS 2018” takes place on May 9. One of the themes this year is Bulgarian literature in translation. Inspired by this, together with “RODINA” library, Stara Zagora, we will offer something special at one of the locations-caffee “Avgusta” (RHM), Stara Zagora. “IMAGINARIUM FRAGMENTS” is a booklet collecting fragments from our comics published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”. “THE THIRST/ LA SED” is in the language of Cervantes-Spanish, the way it was published in Argentina. “VOICE OF SATORI/ ГОЛОС САТОРИ” is in the language of Pushkin-Russian, the way it was published in Russia. “ARROW OF TIME” is in the language of Shakespeare-English, the way it was published in the USA. “THE BRIDGE” and “REBOOT” in Bulgarian, the way they are published in our book “IMAGINARIUM”.


“IMAGINARIUM” at the bookstore “НИСИМ”


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