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#1 29 Jul, 2011 10:43:51


Helloo~U peoplez ~

I'm kinda' new to the amilova community, so I decided to introduce myself before everything else smile

My real name is Todor, but most people know me and call me Toh smile I'm 22 years old, between scorpio and sagitarius and I am from Bulgaria~ (for all the people that gonna be my fans and gonna read this years from now~ I'm born in 1988 so do the math how old I am when u read this xD .)

I have two bachelors degrees : business administration and computer science and i have a minor in information technologies. Besides that I love almost all kind of art including movies music manga anime and comics in general~

I am preparing my own kinda' comics for some time now, so I hope i start it by the end of August, so i can enter the competition that Amilova people have organized tongue

If ya pplz haz any questionz boutz meh~ feel free to ask smile


編集者 Toh (29 Jul, 2011 10:45:02)

#2 29 Jul, 2011 15:11:48


Welcome to Amilova Toh!

I'm sure you will enjoy to be part of our community as we did.

If you have any question or preblem feel free to send me a PM.

And I really hope that you will participate on our Illustrators Competition smile

#3 29 Jul, 2011 16:31:09


Hey, welcome! Have fun, I hope you'll be able to present your project ^^

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#4 01 Aug, 2011 06:06:09

Георги М.

Oh, god... Are you by any chance also known as Sinner? O_o

#5 01 Aug, 2011 06:21:06


welcome! Its always nice to see bulgarians here :-P

#6 01 Aug, 2011 21:49:51


@Georgi M. - Yup, Toh=Sinner smile
@Ceco1 - o lol big_smile

#7 18 Aug, 2011 18:04:59


Welcome to Amilova I wish you a great time here and lots of fun big_smile

Que serait ce monde si on était tous pareil? Vive la différence big_smile
Dans l'art il n'y a pas de nul, chacun a son style qui évolue

#8 18 Aug, 2011 19:49:55


I would like to see some of your work.. don´t you have devianart or something like that? Thanks Toh wink

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#9 27 Aug, 2011 00:39:28


My dA is fairly old and most of the stuff inside it is very very old~ i haven't uploaded recent sketches sorry~ soon i will start publishing some works here too~

#10 27 Aug, 2011 06:04:20

Ashura Thor

Welcome Toh!
I saw your work and I love particularly the print-screen drawings.
I hope you'll have fun on amilova and i am looking forward to read your comic soon ^^

"Un rêve intact est une merveille fragile." E.Estaunié  ♥♥♥

#11 28 Aug, 2011 18:08:08

Toh さんの発言:

My dA is fairly old and most of the stuff inside it is very very old~ i haven't uploaded recent sketches sorry~ soon i will start publishing some works here too~

It's still ok but it's true that compared to what you sent me by mail, it got old... well you obviously improved a lot over the years wink.

I hope to see your work here soon wink.


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#12 01 Oct, 2011 20:34:58


Well guys my comic is on, special thanks to Troy for the immediate validation tongue
You can stop buy and read it here and share your oppinion either here or on the pages themselves. … cream.html
Hope you will enjoy it smile

#13 02 Oct, 2011 14:29:51

Robot Panda

Congratz on it, man! Looks delicious!

#14 04 Oct, 2011 06:41:16


Welcome here Toh smile !!!

#15 05 Oct, 2011 09:37:48


Welcome Toh mister Sinner tongue
Ohh that cover is gorgeous, love the title too, gonna read your comics smile

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#16 27 Oct, 2011 00:03:47


Can someone translate some of my pages into french - 9 to 11, because so far I think troy is doing this and I don't want to be a burden to him ( unless he enjoys it big_smile ). If there are people willing to translate these pages I will be most grateful smile

#17 28 Oct, 2011 18:54:53


Hey guys, I saw @johandark's webpromotion of his project, and after I red Troy's tutorial on how to win fans, I decided to do the same. Here is a simple blog I made about Dragon Scream :

I will post some sketches and some goodies along the way so you can follow the progress there, too. I know it looks a bit unfinished but with time I will make it look better xD

Thank you all for the votes you've given me, and I hope you like the project smile

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