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#1 12 Oct, 2013 06:28:52

River West

Hi everyone smile I'm River. I'm doing indie graphic novels&comics for living, and fortunately still alive.


I've contacted with Amilova.com since this spring by one of my scrolling comics Border Knights (I myself still don't know what that title means) http://www.amilova.com/en/comics-manga/ … ights.html
Then actually I've barely used my account for that I have not much contents to show...
However now I can say I've started drawing another series, and I'd like to publish my E-books here coz I like Amilova.com (for no reason). Maybe coz that I think the name Amilova is so pretty or I like the spirit here smile

Glad to meet you guys.

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#2 27 Oct, 2013 08:07:33


THanks for the introduction, you do amazing comics River!!!
I love your style, and the quality of drawings + colors is totally stunning!

Cheers !

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