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Ouroboros 27

I will behonest... I am natural to this.. can't say if i like it or not as it stops.

how will the duo bond work?
is there more motivation then just girls?
What is the social status of the hero? his age? parents, siblings, fellow students/co workers.

how does faith works here is it christianity/islam? or more like the more ancient version making the angel a champion of Marduck and the devil like guy that of Narull.
Is it the worlds own brand of religion?

Give us somthing to look out for

Ouroboros 15/05/2016 18:08:14   
Sorane 1

Thank you for the comment.

You would have the answers to some questions in few days (if I can manage to find some time to finish the colours )

But if you want more information about what is going, I can tell you this:

The story takes place in our world, i.e. with the same background. The angels and the demons are engaged in a war for thousands of year. However, it won't involve any religion. The divine beings are coming from other dimensions ruled by powerful lords (God and Evil)

However, the story will not(or barely) be about the war.
About Theo, he is a 17 years old student. His parents left him to travel the world and therefore he feels alone. His motivation is only to have fun (and girls, of course )

I won't say more, but the answers will come soon

Sorane 18/05/2016 19:33:59   
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Black Burn Chronicles

Black Burn Chronicles: couverture




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