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#1 02 Mar, 2013 01:26:05



As the past year in this same month, it comes back the Monster Dseign Contest, a contest in wich everyone can participate, even if he don't have many drawing skills, and win a prize at the same time that helps to improve the Guild Adventure Webcomic.

Rules are simple: Design a monster alike the ones who appear in Guild Adventure. The monster can be funny, terrible, absurd, powerfull, weak, or whatever you want, as long as it something that will fit in that web comic world. With that design you have to send a smal description of the creature. You can write as long as you want about it, but a few lines are ok. To read Guild Adventure and see how the monsters are, look in [link]

What's important in this contest is not the drawing skills, but the idea (drawing skills will be needed in future contests), you have no more chances to win if you send a huge and detailed photoshop illustration. As long as the creature is recognizable, any drawing have chances to win, anyone can participate and win the prize.

What's the prize?; the winner will have a free color commision from the comic author, of whatever he desires. Plus, he can choose a character to have a cameo in the comic, or some similar colaboration. He can choose a character of his own comic, or roleplaying game, writings, or some other he like, as long at he have permission to do it. Aditionally, the winner creature will appear in the comic (the winner of last year is in the picture at top, the one at the right bottom)

You have all March 2013, until the 31, to send your works. You can do it with a private message in the web or via Email sending it to cenamuerto@hotmail.com or guildadventure@gmail.com (both if you want to be sure the submission reached)

#2 13 Jul, 2020 05:50:15


I have a clarification that is there any condition to take part in this monster design contest? There are lots of monster related movies released so any people can accordingly design these monsters by thinking of the characters in those movies  click here

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