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We donated our book “ТАНЦ С ТУШ/ A DANCE WITH INK” to „ZACHARYI KNYAZHESKI“ Regional library, Stara Zagora.
Founded in 1954, the library is home to more than 400 000 documents and sources of information. Synonimous with literature, the library is also a host to many cultural events in Stara Zagora. We thank director Nadezhda Grueva and the wonderful team of the library, for their constant and inspiring devotion.
“ТАНЦ С ТУШ/ A DANCE WITH INK” can be rented from its rich and high quality catalog.


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The 17th edition of COMIC SHOWROOM in VELES, NORTH MACEDONIA (2019) had more attendees, new guests, and a rich selection of authors, and we’re happy to be part of it for the sixth consecutive year!


The unquenchable curiosity and searching, wild energy, untamed inspiration, hunger for new worlds and visions. They lead writers and artists into a dance, with the deep and consuming darkness of the ink on the thirsty paper and its immense whiteness. Among the debris of the imagination pulsing images are emerging, jumping from one genre to another. From the surrealism of dreams to the dystopia of the cyberpunk, from the beauty of magic to the rawness of noir, from the naturalness of drama to the laughter of allegory, from the saturation of the battle scenes to the emotions of the quiet moments. It never stops! Our exhibition A DANCE WITH INK showcases our comics and illustrations. Some have already been showcased at international shows, exhibitions and festivals, or published in anthologies and magazines in Bulgaria and other countries. Others are presented for the first time, and specially for the exhibition!

A DANCE WITH INK is our biggest exhibition! It is held at the unique MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND MODERN VISUAL ARTS in Kazanlak, Bulgaria! Opening on October 2nd at 17:30 it will be held until October 22nd. The guests can get our free comic book A DANCE WITH INK!


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