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The decision comes after the Thunder were unable to make the playoffs this year since many of their main players, including superstar Kevin Durant, endured an injury-plagued season.During his time with the Thunder, Brooks assembled a 338-207 record, giving him a .620 win percentage. In addition to that, he was named NBA Coach of the Year in the 2009-10 season."This is an extremely difficult decision on many levels," Thunder general manager Sam Presti said in a statement. "Scott helped establish the identity of the Thunder and has earned his rightful place in the history of our organization through his seven years as a valued leader and team member."Presti admitted that one of the main reasons why Brooks was fired was due to the fact that the Thunder never won an NBA title during his tenure as head coach Gary Payton Jersey."It is very important to state that this decision is not a reflection of this past season, but rather an assessment of what we feel is necessary at this point in time in order to continually evolve, progress and sustain," Presti said. "We move forward with confidence in our foundation and embrace the persistence and responsibility that is required to construct an elite and enduring basketball organization capable of winning an NBA championship in Oklahoma City."Meanwhile, Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook believes that Brooks did not get enough credit for everything he did "behind the scenes"."He did a great job," Westbrook said. "I dont think he gets enough credit for some of the stuff he does behind the scenes. Obviously, a lot of people thats not in this building maybe want him to do different things https://www.okcthunderteamshop.com/Kyle … _Jersey-15, and want to see other things from him, but as a coach and as a friend, I think he does an amazing job of communicating what he wants out of his players.Durant paid tribute to Brooks when the regular season ended last week, calling him a great coach since he was able to rally everybody and encourage them to play as a team.He rallied us," Durant, who only played 27 games this season, had said. He made sure everybody was emotionally stable. A lot of guys in and out of the lineup, and he kept everybody together. Thats what a coach is supposed to do. I cant really say nothing about it because he did his job. He did his best job he can do, and Im proud of him.

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It's a great coach!  read wuxiaworld

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