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Wonder whether they will be able to put up a good fight with Raditz. It'd be funny if Raditz found out Kakarotto had been killed by Coola, thus revolting against him
Btw, in the first panel it's "warriors", and in the second it's "became".

MATTIA IL DIVINO 29/01/2019 13:14:25   
Chewys 26

Thanks!!! Corrected!!

Chewys 29/01/2019 16:25:28   
Faloon 2

Well, well, I am intrigued to see where those two extra years take them.

In the original, with one year training they all of them upped their Power Level by at least x10 so with those extra years, well, they might be able to stand against Raditz.

Faloon 29/01/2019 14:15:32   
Chewys 26

Well... remember Goku trained for 3 years and managed to surpass Piccolo Jr... but certenly not Raditz. In a few pages you'll see their leve... i don't want to spoil...

Chewys 29/01/2019 16:28:04   
John Boredonquixote 8

Oh, so they became the guardians of earth! What's the next promotion? Guardians of the galaxy?

John Boredonquixote 29/01/2019 18:51:13   
Chewys 26


Chewys 29/01/2019 19:08:13   
HyperSonic_1985 2

So Raditz will land on Earth early then he did in canon?
Now I wonder how Raditz , Nappa and Vegeta's life are under Cooler in this universe unlike Frieza in must universes?
I bet Cooler is a better boss then Frieza was.

HyperSonic_1985 29/01/2019 21:31:18   
venuu 19

Wait i am missing someone, a certain fat guy that dates the cat Karin

venuu 30/01/2019 02:42:30   
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