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Darius 22

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Darius 24/12/2014 10:35:54   
Tyrannide 28

Just one question, will you, one day, take my work as translastor as if it was a fan-work?
Maybe I'll be able to participate but I don't have any imagination, so I can't write a good story, and I'm not good at drawing the only thing I can do (and it's only so-so are stickmen) So My only participation can be made as my contribution in translation.

For your information that comment is on a strip with contest explanation in french so please don't mind the offset.

Tyrannide 15/03/2019 15:18:57   
Darius 22

I... dont really understand the question. take your work for what?

Darius 15/03/2019 15:28:50   
Tyrannide 28

As I said I posted that comment directly on a french page, and the page 108 is a contest presentation in the french version.

So I was asking if my translation could be taken as a fanfic or fanart, but can't be named like that because it's not an original story or an original drawing...
Was just joking...

Tyrannide 15/03/2019 15:32:57   
muelde 3

te ha quedado cojonudo el avatar.

muelde 24/12/2014 19:26:11   
Creeperator 11


Creeperator 08/03/2015 11:54:57   
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