He rarely comes home.
He only comes home to sleep.
We hardly ever talk . . .
He promised we'd go to
a movie yesterday but he got
a call and just left off
I checked the calls on
his cell phone and it was
from some Maria
To hell
with him!
By Stanislav Shepin
You know what you should do?
You should make him pay for it !
Come on, off to the clubs !
But . . .
So he can
but you can't ?
Where have you
been? Why is your
phone off?
What do
you care?
I see you
had a pretty
good time
Oh, get off it !
I know about your Maria !
I cheated on you too !
Maria is my
boss. I took up a
second job so that
we can buy a home
and live together
Wait ?
Where are you
going ?
I'll come get my
things tomorrow
The number
you have
dialed is not
He's not
answering . . .
What happened
when you came home?
Did you talk to him?
Maria is his boss.
I'm such an idiot . . .
Does he know
that you didn't
cheat on him?
I don't think
he'll believe me.
It's over
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