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#1 27 Feb, 2013 20:36:02

Biram Ba

If I'm not mistaken, it's been more or less a year since "Dhalmun: Age of Smoke" appeared on

First of all, I'd like to thank all who visited, favourited, commented. (Even the comments in French, which I don't understand, so those might've been insults, I have no idea.)

Secondly, I just finished uploading pages of the latest episode.


The comic has been through some visual changes. I haven't made as many pages as I'd like to, though.


Now, as far as the future of this comic goes, I was hoping to find some funds through indiegogo, but so far, well, it doesn't look good*. ;)

So, it is possible I'll not be ableto continue this comic, if so, I'll still try to finish episode four and give it some kind of closure.


P.S.: I've been having some problems with the order of the translation pages, but it should be fine now.

*I kind of like the promo artworks, though.

#2 13 Mar, 2013 08:42:31


Great work, we'll put the focus on your art in one of the coming newsletters so more readers can discover it smile !!!


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#3 28 Aug, 2020 03:16:06


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