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#1 17 Mar, 2013 13:30:56


Hello fellow Amilovites!

It was about time I posted something in my comic's topic, and I'd thought I'd start with good news! This year Bata Neart reaches it's 10th Anniversary!! big_smile

Way back in 2003, I began drawing the original version of the comic, which is also the first I have ever completed a chapter of. Over the years, I have been drawing, and re-tooling it, until last year when I finally began re-drawing it as a weekly webcomic on

Despite the various versions, I consider 2003 to be it's 'Date of Birth', and thus I plan to do some kind of celebration!

While I try to remember *when* in 2003 I started drawing Bata Neart, does anyone have any good ideas or experience in running celebration competitions with your comic?
Any tips you can give would be most appreciated!! big_smile

#2 20 Mar, 2013 16:46:04


10th anniversary, wow, amazing, congratulations !!!! is only moving to its 3rd anniversary... so 10 years is impressive !


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#3 24 Mar, 2013 10:54:29


Thank you for saying Troy big_smile
I hope to see 10 years of Amilova too smile (and many more!)

#4 16 May, 2020 12:22:17


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#5 15 Aug, 2020 10:31:23


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#6 25 Aug, 2020 22:00:04


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