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#1 15 Jun, 2011 14:41:10


Welcome to the community! I hope you feel comfortable here.

My name is Filka aka Fikiri and I'm the forum English version moderator. I'm a big fan of Amilova but also manga, anime, music, movies, games, etc... So I will write posts ans news about my favorite series. But I will also try to keep forum threads clean without any trace of spammers, trolls or marketers...

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free de contact me or to send me a private message.

You may start your own topic in this thread for your introduction, or post it in a reply to this one. Have fun browsing!

#2 27 Jun, 2011 19:54:17


jeje Nice to see that now there´s only new topics in the language you desire. That´s great.

I think now there will be more messages in english and spanish language (the major part was in french and i don´t have any idea of french xD)

Welcome Fikiri... (is that your real name?... or where this come from?)


mysteries, ghosts, undead, horror, religion, blood, sex, and of course ... humor!---------- ARKHAM

#3 28 Jun, 2011 15:47:52


Well, nice, their's some English parts now. Don't hesitate if you need something or if you need some help with French. smile

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Language SMS interdit!

#4 27 Aug, 2011 06:12:02

Ashura Thor

Hello! I am great to discover the english part of Amilova. I was wondering where our foreign buddies were chating...

"Un rêve intact est une merveille fragile." E.Estaunié  ♥♥♥

#5 28 Mar, 2020 09:23:46


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#6 30 Mar, 2020 12:32:59


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#7 06 May, 2020 14:38:07


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