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Tad 2

Love the composition of this page, there's something very reminiscent of Final Fantasy Advent Children about it for me (the scene near the start where Cloud is on his bike)

Tad 04/02/2013 23:05:04   
Pink_Marionette 6

Thanks! This was a hard one...I get these ideas in my head then realise that getting it out on paper is a different story...XD It took a few attempts. ^^;
I love Tetsuya Nomura's designs so your comment made me very happy.

Pink_Marionette 04/03/2013 13:13:54   
Tad 2

I'm glad you take it as a compliment, it's amazing how many times i've made comparisons to different artists and people don't take them well...usually when I make comparisons to artists like Masamune Shirow (which always struck me as an odd one to get annoyed about being compared to). I know what you mean too. Sometimes i can hear conversations between characters in my head, or at least how it SHOULD sound but when it comes to writing it down it never quite comes out the smae as I imagined :p

Tad 04/03/2013 17:20:48   
Pink_Marionette 6

If I could even come close to the skill or success of Nomura or Shirow, I think I'd be too happy to get upset about anything...

Pink_Marionette 04/03/2013 19:29:31   
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