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Anne Marie

Anne Marie : comic cover

Anne Marie is kidnapped by the dreaded Jezzabel Avery, the terror of the seas. Will the sweet Anne endure the cruelty and perversion of his captor? Is the captain Jezzabel so insensitive as it sounds? An angel and a demon bound by passion.

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Sexy - XXX

Type : Comics
(read from left to right)


Before reading this comic be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Pornography

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217 Comments on the pages of Anne Marie

Tviorr Tviorr 6Oct ch5 p2 and you're/ you are
Tviorr Tviorr 6Oct ch5 p1 gave the gold to her crew she enjoyed walking me about ? ..that my love inspired ?? - If the captain is referred to as " (...)
Tviorr Tviorr 6Oct ch3 p4 Not sure what "look" means in that connection
Tviorr Tviorr 6Oct ch3 p2 would have become blind
monny monny 21Dec ch1 p1 k
chrissylove chrissylove 13May ch5 p1 hottest mangas ive ever read even for a yuri lol :D
chinx chinx 15May ch1 p1 how do you even read this?it says be over 18 and then u modify ur birth date and click send and nothing happens
deadmeat701 deadmeat701 24Aug ch8 p9 Well been about eight months since I've checked back in with this. I still can't actually translate the cover page for chapter nin (...)
Wet wet Wet wet 12Aug ch8 p9 :D. Was really gttn into it 21May ch8 p5 :D
Joebro11 Joebro11 13Apr ch6 p3 :D ;)
rad rad 4Feb ch8 p7 :)
deadmeat701 deadmeat701 11Jan ch8 p9 Ok I stand corrected. A bit delayed but here is the next two pages in English.
hentai sama hentai sama 5Dec ch8 p7 Can't wait for more pages in english, good job !!!

217 comments in other languages.

Shock Marble Shock Marble 27Jul ch3 p1 mdr nique le respect !
saint-valbert saint-valbert 4May ch4 p1 très classe j 'aime
saint-valbert saint-valbert 24Mar ch9 p7 whoua, qu'elle classe cette BD ! J'aime
narru narru 30Oct ch9 p7 quand la suite ?
முதுகலை பட்டம் முதுகலை பட்டம் 1Jul ch1 p3 jesus oh por dios...
Daday Daday 21May ch4 p5 trop bon
Daday Daday 21May ch2 p4 OH les pervers ! ils ont tous de grosse bosse ! :D
Kimiko09 Kimiko09 3Apr ch4 p4 Ooooh mmh
PuceD PuceD 5Feb ch1 p7 ho mon dieu xD
cyrillelibertin cyrillelibertin 4Dec ch8 p5 Un pur délice...
thefrenchcooker thefrenchcooker 14Nov ch1 p1 trop jeune :D
babylilou babylilou 10Oct ch8 p9 pas mal.. j'adore.. vitte la suite
martinbadaralopy martinbadaralopy 15Sep ch8 p9 à quand la suite?
Cazadragones Cazadragones 17Jul ch9 p10 ñam ñam ñam... yo tambien keroooou... kero probar a anne XD
Shinden Shinden 21May ch7 p10 :D

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