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ARKHAM roots

ARKHAM roots : manga cover

Elimina todos los demás factores y el último por inverosimil que parezca es la verdad. por Sir Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)

La verdad está ahí fuera. by Chris Carter (Expediente-X)

La verdad os hará libres. by JesuCristo

Художник :

Помощник :

Original Language : Español

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга - Saga
(Комикс (слева направо))

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ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos) : Volume 1
Volume 1
ARKHAM roots Completo (14 capítulos)

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Страницы : 262
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7679 comments in other languages.

mangalovergrl12 mangalovergrl12 10Apr гл5 стр9 is there any sex it would be awesome if there was
Animetro Animetro 8Jan гл14 стр1 yes;)
MoTuS MoTuS 6Jan гл5 стр12 y à encore le forever alone ?! :o je suis déçus de la communauté d'internet, je pensais qu'elle serais un peu plus dépravé... :'( (...)
rulies01 rulies01 19Oct гл5 стр12 but there is already over 100 comments at least show the images;)
johandark johandark 10Jul гл4 стр18 Thank you very much! Yeah... the problem with bubbles is a bad thing... but I don´t know french, and here very kind people did (...)
Luxiuss Luxiuss 2Jul гл4 стр9 Un caleçon Amilova, trop cool.
ves-ty ves-ty 28Jun гл5 стр6 Case 5 "il n'y A aucun doute..." le second garde du corps est flippant xD Au labo au labo! :p J'adoooore x)
ves-ty ves-ty 28Jun гл4 стр18 Hola l'équipe, Hola johandark! D'abord, félicitation pour votre travail extra-ordinaire! l'histoire est super bien construite je (...)
attack on titan jack attack on titan jack 29Mar гл1 стр20 :D
johandark johandark 8Feb гл13 стр21 I´m glad to read this ^^
johandark johandark 8Feb гл13 стр1 Thank you! Sometimes I thougth nobody were reading these quotes and just going for pages... xD It´s nice to know someone read t (...)
johandark johandark 7Feb гл1 стр1 Hello Yowmeh, Unfortunately it´s only avaible to download complete for 0.49€ (269 pages) only in Spanish. There´s no download v (...)
Yowmeh Yowmeh 1Feb гл1 стр1 Is download possible? I really wanna download this one! T^T
dentdesabre88 dentdesabre88 24Jan гл10 стр22 bon ces quoi la prochaine étape? godzilla? les dracos des dragon les petit gris? non parceque la on a tous les élement d'un c (...)
dentdesabre88 dentdesabre88 24Jan гл10 стр22 les humains avait ce qu'on appelle godzilla a leur disposition :O

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evajung New Topic! 21Nov ARKHAM ROOTS English translation Every page of ARKHAM Roots is now properly translated to English! Enjoy! ... but what do I do now? :/

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