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#1 12 Feb, 2017 17:40:44


Hi everyone!! I´m CHEwys, from Argentina.
I´m making a copy-paste comic about U3 and U9 on Earth based on the Universes created by Salagir and DBM staff.

The story takes place (mostly) on Earth, and it explains the consequences of Goku´s absence there.

It´s in Spanish, so i´m in need of a translator if anyone wants to smile.
If there´s anyone available write me or write here so i can add you to the team.

Here´s the link. Hope you enjoy it!

http://www.amilova.com/es/comics-manga/ … ina-1.html

#2 15 Feb, 2017 07:02:11


Thank you for your information.  This is my first time that  I am hearing about your news. I will inform you if i get one good translator.
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#3 25 Feb, 2017 09:37:54


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#4 12 Apr, 2017 14:04:58


Interesting post, thank you! Amo=ilova has a lot of interesting topics so it is interesting to read this forum.
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#5 30 Apr, 2017 16:40:34


Is this a joke?

#6 05 Jun, 2017 09:45:43


Although im not a huge fan of superman I've like the idea of DCUO and from the looks of it , it might be a good game. Write My Cheap Essay Paper & I like Lex Luthor to... so i thought i shud give superman a try... Now im completely clueless on superman so a first step and then other ( in chronological order ) would be great and helpful and whaddya know i might even join superman fan clubs..... so help is appreciated.

#7 17 Aug, 2018 08:45:51


Thanks for the information on the site.  spotify web player account

Dernière modification par spotifywebplayer (17 Aug, 2018 08:46:19)

#8 03 Sep, 2018 08:12:58


Hey! Thanks for sharing, it's a cool idea!! I've always been a huge fan of superman and wonder woman. They are the best. My boyfriend tried to create his own comics, in fact, I wrote a pregnancy research paper and his first work was about pregnant wonder women smile (of course it was a joke, but he made it) wink

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