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Bata Neart

Bata Neart : manga couverture

Ashling was a normal Irish teenager, until the day an ancient Celtic weapon found her. She now fights to hold onto her normal life and her sanity.

Dessinateur :

Version originale : English

Mise à jour : En pause

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
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Ebooks Bata Neart disponibles à partir de 1
Bata Neart - Chapter 1 : Tome 1
Tome 1
Bata Neart - Chapter 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 26
Poids : 9.1MB
Prix : 1€

Bata Neart - Chapter 2 : Tome 2
Tome 2
Bata Neart - Chapter 2

Format : PDF
Pages : 20
Poids : 6.2MB
Prix : 1€

Bata Neart - Chapter 3 : Tome 3
Tome 3
Bata Neart - Chapter 3

Format : PDF
Pages : 39
Poids : 12.3MB
Prix : 1€

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8 commentaires dans d'autres langues.

rawrtacular rawrtacular 19juil. ch3 p37 Coming close to the end of the chapter now. I hope everyone has enjoyed the story so far, and I am always welcoming input / reques (...)
rawrtacular rawrtacular 20mai ch3 p30 Actually, on a related note. Is there anything you folks are looking forward to, or even wish for in future Bata Neart installment (...)
rawrtacular rawrtacular 19mai ch3 p30 Glad you are stil enjoying it :D At this stage, we're coming close to the end of both Ashling's vision, but also the chapter itse (...)
S.E.Th S.E.Th 17mai ch3 p30 What happens next? Good story sofar....
rawrtacular rawrtacular 20mars ch3 p21 Thank you :D I'm really glad you are enjoying it!
S.E.Th S.E.Th 18mars ch3 p21 like the story!
rawrtacular rawrtacular 18janv. ch3 p10 Thank you for saying! :D I'm currently uploading from my archives, so there are many more pages coming! I hope you enjoy them too (...)
S.E.Th S.E.Th 15janv. ch3 p10 Loving the story sofar!
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