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Underneath The Dead City

Underneath The Dead City : manga couverture

Below the world of 9-5's and rising taxes is a place for misfits and outcasts. By day, they follow the rules and conform to society's standards. But by night, the 'dump' below the city known as The Well becomes a haven in which to live out their dreams and fantasies.
Balancing these two worlds isn't easy, but these people can't seem to live any other way...

Dessinateur : et

Version originale : English

Mise à jour : En pause

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga
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28 Commentaires sur les pages de Underneath The Dead City

mangaAdonf mangaAdonf 9janv. ch1 p5 Héhé... you're welcome!
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 8janv. ch1 p5 Ah, you did this one too! Merci, mangaAdonf!! :))

28 commentaires dans d'autres langues.

OutCast OutCast 22sept. ch1 p4 that moment when you can be super lucky but you have to turn it down because of work.....splendid!
sinhalite sinhalite 15mai ch1 p30 Nice lyrics^^
Genie Genie 4mai ch1 p44 Ok maybe I lied, it's that last panel. Ha
Genie Genie 3mai ch1 p42 That top panel was probably my favourite to draw lol
Genie Genie 3mai ch1 p43 Only one more page to go... ):
Tad Tad 18avril ch1 p28 I suddenly fear for the lion dudes safety.
Genie Genie 15avril ch1 p25 One of our most exciting pages to date.
Tad Tad 14avril ch1 p20 Awesome. You play off each other well. I look forward to continued updates :)
Genie Genie 14avril ch1 p20 Characters are hand done inked by me, and the backgrounds are all hand done painted by her. We use digital for little bits here an (...)
Tad Tad 13avril ch1 p20 Awesome. I love the feel of the pages. Are they done with all traditional materials or electronic too?
Genie Genie 13avril ch1 p20 Yep! :)
Tad Tad 12avril ch1 p20 Aha! Is this the character from the front cover?
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 12avril ch1 p20 XDDDDDD
Rukkeo Rukkeo 11avril ch1 p20 uoh xD
Rukkeo Rukkeo 11avril ch1 p18 Everyone's a bitch hahaha xD
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