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#1 19 Oct, 2016 22:02:12

Alan D.D.

Ok, little mistake. I thought this one was published before but closed the page by accident.
Hello ^^ I'm Alan, a writer, blogger and journalist. I discovered Amilova long ago, lost the page and recently had it back.
I like everything related to dark fantasy, gothic fiction and paranormal romance, some poetry once in a while, too. I accidentally published this on the other post, but I guess it should be here, so...

Some comics and mangas I like:
-Phantasmagoria Cafe, by Thornbeary.
-Always Raining Here, by Hazel and Bell.
-Tonari no Seieki-san, by KAMIRENJAKU Sanpei.
-The Tarot Cafe, by Sang-Sun Park (one of my favorites.)
-Kocchi Muite, Ai, by Atami Michinoku.
-Red Thorn, by David Baillie.
-Tarot: Witch of The Black Rose, by Jim Balent (best one EVER.)

My favorite bands:
-Within Temptation.
-Marilyn Manson.
-Emilie Autumn (actually, a singer.)
-The Birthday Massacre.

I don't know what else to say, so... ask me anything you'd like to know ^^

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