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Fuck You!

Fuck You! : manga cover

A short, blunt anti-love story.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : Finished

Genre : Thriller

Type : manga - One-Shot
(read from left to right)

114 Comments on the pages of Fuck You!

Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17Dec ch1 p7 So Awesome and Romantic at the same time!
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 28Mar ch1 p2 I believe she & the guy were once a couple,then broke-up at some point which both,( especially the woman)didn't take well. So it d (...)
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p9 So sad, I wanted A LOT more.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p7 Literally, the title.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p6 I guess my only problema with this comic is that...those eyes from the boy are just too strange, too psychotic, too open.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p5 Somehow, this reminds me of Tim Burton stuff.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p4 So stylistic! I love it!
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p2 So, is she like, hunting his boyfriend or something?
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar ch1 p1 This beginning is certainly awesome.
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 20Mar ch1 p2 Creepy being with hellish pupils hovering over head...good way to kick off a comic. The shading and perspective is pretty good (...)
animlva567 animlva567 27Dec ch1 p7 the guy reminds me of Masky from Creepypasta
munstah munstah 2Aug ch1 p9 O-M-G! The story barelly started and I'm already craving for more! Really nice:)
munstah munstah 2Aug ch1 p6 Just have to say that I love the draws. They are very welldone, at least up to now, and the girl is soooo japanese horror! great!
Demon_Okurami Demon_Okurami 10Jul ch1 p9 It's really good! I love the first page, congratulations!!!;)
Daniela95 Daniela95 1May ch1 p9 That girl is scarry....I like that!

114 comments in other languages.

Domm Domm 24Dec ch1 p7 hoooooooooooooo
Bassworld Bassworld 6Jun ch1 p9 Superbe One Shot j'ai vraiment aimé :D Si seulement une rupture serais aussi classe et épic que sa...malheureusement sa passe rar (...)
moon3002013 moon3002013 26May ch1 p8 "bon débara u_u"
moon3002013 moon3002013 26May ch1 p7 XD dans le genre "voyons voir la marchandise ... et pis finalement elle a voulu me tuer et je suis rancunier !!!"
junkai junkai 23Nov ch1 p7 "Flirter avec la mort ? 8D mais je fait ça tous les jours !" XDD pardon ça m'a fait penser à ça x')
junkai junkai 23Nov ch1 p9 XDDDD c'est vraiment très beau ! (dans tous les sens du terme ! )
-Vinz- -Vinz- 5Sep ch1 p9 One shot très sympa. Bravo pour les dessins.
Creeperator Creeperator 31Aug ch1 p9 Muy buena calidad, me a sorprendido lo corto que es pero para ser tan corto me a gustado
zeelka zeelka 10Aug ch1 p7 lol
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 31Jul ch1 p9 ¿No hay más paginas? ¿Lo van a continuar, cierto? Esta genial :)
Tchouda Tchouda 4Jul ch1 p9 pareil j'ai vraiment aimé ! a quand la suite
Tchouda Tchouda 4Jul ch1 p8 Travail bien fait :D j'aime comme il y a l'air satisfait
Tchouda Tchouda 4Jul ch1 p7 comment il vire la créature épique !
Tchouda Tchouda 4Jul ch1 p6 il y a le poignet déchiré, il veut sauter et un créature bizarre apparait

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