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NPC : manga cover

Two NPCs* in an MMORPG* are acting by their own, that will not be without consequences, for them and Real-life-players.

*NPC : Non playable characters
*MMORPG : Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Cartoonist :

Scenarist :

Translator :

Helper :

Original Language : English

Updated on : Wednesday , Friday, Sunday

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

665 Comments on the pages of NPC

Traf Traf 9Dec ch1 p36 This is fantastic! Galador the gentlemanly orc! Of the three characters we've seen, he's the only one with manners! AND now we (...)
PookyCherie PookyCherie 6Dec ch1 p34 She deserves more a cold shower than going back in this warm water... x)
PookyCherie PookyCherie 6Dec ch1 p34 Nice try :D But as i can see the face of Galador it doesn't seem to be effective x)
Traf Traf 4Dec ch1 p34 Yeah, I thought Serena was doing it on purpose. She probably thinks she just has to get them naked in the same room and Galador w (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 4Dec ch1 p34 That is one qquick drop in the pool again.
PookyCherie PookyCherie 28Nov ch1 p32 yes it's surprising he didn't kill her yet, but you'll know more about Galador's scruples later ;)
Ouroboros Ouroboros 27Nov ch1 p32 So he has no problem killing a werewolf but not a murderous amazon?
janus-006 janus-006 25Nov ch1 p26 Make sure to pick up the pieces of the fourth wall, we don't want anyone tripping on them :)
janus-006 janus-006 25Nov ch1 p17 I think we gamers can consider ourselves pretty well skewered :) Kind of sums up most players in a nutshell - but in a sort of aff (...)
janus-006 janus-006 25Nov ch1 p7 I'm not sure why, but I imagine Galador sounding sort of like Piccolo. There's probably an 'I'm surrounded by idiots' tone as well (...)
janus-006 janus-006 25Nov ch1 p1 It's been very enjoyable to read! It's not too often you see something from an orc's perspective, they deserve some good publicity (...)
PookyCherie PookyCherie 25Nov ch1 p31 Poor Galador... He thinks the "Do not enter" sign will assure him peace... (Im not even sure she can read :D )
Ouroboros Ouroboros 24Nov ch1 p31 Unless you killed her... there won't be peace and relaxtion
Traf Traf 23Nov ch1 p30 Yay! Twelve pages in December! In a strange way I can identify with Galador: Stupid things keep happening and he's in the bac (...)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 22Nov ch1 p30 Hello avatars ! For the first time the drawing was made by the writer ! (I know it’s bad) Anyway, gifts are coming, so deal with (...)

665 comments in other languages.

macheeldren macheeldren yest. ch1 p36 Aw! Trop mignon le chat~!
Enay Enay yest. ch1 p36 Triste!:'( (pour Kayak):(
la rolex la rolex yest. ch1 p36 maintenant il a la plus belle des chattes :D ( elle est facile ok;) )
benracer85 benracer85 9Dec ch1 p36 C'est possible que ça soit une référence. :)
la rolex la rolex 9Dec ch1 p34 attendez, elle est pas chouette cette image de la belle et la bête ? moi j'aime bien cette relation entre ces personnages et on s' (...)
la rolex la rolex 9Dec ch1 p34 complètement d'accord avec Gildor ;)
la rolex la rolex 9Dec ch1 p32 je pense que Monteskieu est un impatient ;) ne soyons pas empressé d'en finir , les rapports entre ces deux-là sont tellement mign (...)
la rolex la rolex 9Dec ch1 p30 ;) vraiment jolie ! heu, à mon avis tu peux réaliser tes propres scénars FrenchKizz :)
Hurleguerre Hurleguerre 9Dec ch1 p36 QUand je lis cela, Galador me rappel un autre PNJ: Zarg Broyossement, dans World of Warcraft. Zarg est un orc avec belle gross (...)
Hurleguerre Hurleguerre 9Dec ch1 p36 Vu ce a quoi ressemble ce monde, il a certainement été bouffé au bout de deux jours.
Traf Traf 9Dec ch1 p36 I had not thought of that. Galador needs a lock on his door!
Cabestan Cabestan 9Dec ch1 p36 Oui, moi aussi !
Khordel Khordel 9Dec ch1 p36 "Il était très joueur" ... Le plus beau des chats n'est plus :( Je me demande de quelle façon il n'a plus été... C'est a di (...)
Konidraco Konidraco 9Dec ch1 p36 "Il était très joueur" ... Le plus beau des chats n'est plus :(
Twilys Twilys 9Dec ch1 p36 Tel chat tel maitre ^^





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