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NPC : manga cover

Two NPCs* in an MMORPG* are acting by their own, that will not be without consequences, for them and Real-life-players.

*NPC : Non playable characters
*MMORPG : Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Scenarist :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Monday, Wednesday , Friday, Sunday

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

5923 Comments on the pages of NPC

FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 19Feb ch6 p4 FIxed X)
Drathe Drathe 12Feb ch6 p4 Did something break, or change? I'm viewing what is supposed to be the English version of this, but all the new pages are showing (...)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 6Feb ch6 p3 maybe she considered that the Amazon was no longer a threat :p
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 6Feb ch6 p3 I can't spoil you 'll see that in the next pages ^^
Ouroboros Ouroboros 5Feb ch6 p3 Nope it was clear sparing her life would have been the bigger insult
Traf Traf 4Feb ch6 p3 She's alive, so that means the succubus lost.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 29Jan ch5 p45 No, he just likes his pokerface x)
Traf Traf 29Jan ch5 p45 I just realized that Galador rarely smiles. He is angry or bewildered, but almost never happy.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 17Jan ch5 p38 For the moment, the succubus got the upper hand ;)
Traf Traf 17Jan ch5 p38 :!: "The Amazon is an immature jerk, but she is MY immature jerk!" I almost feel sorry for the succubus. Almost.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 5Jan ch5 p31 He needs to be patched X)
Traf Traf 5Jan ch5 p31 Everyone Galador goes near has validation issues!
Chewys Chewys 27Dec ch5 p27 Nice angle XD They are so close! Wonder if Galador will be ready... he isn´t even suited up!!
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 20Dec ch5 p24 She's still human XD
Traf Traf 20Dec ch5 p24 Ooo, some insight! Paula is insecure, so she needs to demonstrate that she's the one in charge. She does not receive compliments (...)

5923 comments in other languages.

FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 16h17 ch6 p13 C'est pas faux !
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 16h16 ch6 p13 xD
ace4 ace4 02h34 ch6 p13 Ouais.....
Sandymoon Sandymoon yest. ch6 p13 Ouais… Enfin une des fois où ils ont réussis à les faire, ces fameuses explosions. :)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Non quand même pas x)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Hahaha xD
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Trop d'excitation pour moi dans ta phrase xD
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Ho... en soit il y a pire genre... le pouvoir de l'amitié ? x)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Un lvl up sans même avoir tuer un mob je trouverais ça bizarre moi perso
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 J'avais envie de dire qu'elle se concentrais sur autres choses mais ça ne serais pas cool pour serena x)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Désolé je n'ai pas compris la référence si il y en as une x)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Une explosion comme les cyborg dans dragon ball Z ?
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 C'est pas cool pour elle xD mais vu que c'est drôle ça passe.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz yest. ch6 p13 Sacré musique de transformation quand même, j'approuve.
Sanctionneur Sanctionneur yest. ch6 p13 Nouvelle magie : le Deux Ex Machina !





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