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NPC : manga cover

Two NPCs* in an MMORPG* are acting by their own, that will not be without consequences, for them and Real-life-players.

*NPC : Non playable characters
*MMORPG : Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Scenarist :

Helper :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Wednesday , Friday, Sunday

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

3530 Comments on the pages of NPC

FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 19Jul ch3 p43 She doesn't need people, she only need to kill Pandemonium XD
Traf Traf 19Jul ch3 p43 She's no better than Sasuke86: How sad is it when you want revenge on a computer program? Damn, Paulina...go to a movie theater. (...)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 14Jul ch3 p41 And she's real X)
Traf Traf 14Jul ch3 p41 Another one who holds a grudge against a computer program! Oh well, at least Paulina has nice boobs.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 13Jul ch3 p40 It can't be helped, soon or later a PGM has to noticed them :p
Traf Traf 13Jul ch3 p40 Oh no...this is a serious player!
Traf Traf 13Jul ch3 p39 :D I never thought of that! It's like Bigfoot sightings: Who will believe?
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 12Jul ch3 p40 indeed :D
Chewys Chewys 12Jul ch3 p40 Cool page!!! Ok... guess they won't be safe....
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 9Jul ch3 p39 Thank you :D
Chewys Chewys 9Jul ch3 p39 Waaahahahahahahaahahaha!!!!! Just epic!! Best page EVER!! Needed that laugh so much hahahaha!! Poor Sangaku25!!!! I guess S (...)
super-spartan super-spartan 2Jul ch3 p33 you poor thing T-T
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 25Jun ch3 p32 No need to prove anything, amazon are perfect >: )
Traf Traf 24Jun ch3 p32 Hmmm...Sasuke bruised Serena's ego, and she can't prove Sasuke was wrong, not even to herself.
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 21Jun ch3 p31 She doesn't care XD

3530 comments in other languages.

FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 18h07 ch4 p1 Je pense qu'il n'a surtout pas envie de le retenir X)
ace4 ace4 17h48 ch4 p1 Et bien oui mais il l'appelle "l'amazone"
benracer85 benracer85 17h06 ch4 p1 heu... non
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 15h58 ch4 p1 Elle en a un :D
ace4 ace4 15h52 ch4 p1 Tient mais au fait elle na pas de prénom la dame ?
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 12h57 ch4 p1 Meuuh non, elle n'est pas psychopathe, juste pasionnée : D
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 12h57 ch4 p1 Tu penses que ce kill la calmera ?
benracer85 benracer85 12h41 ch4 p1 Ah oui, ce regard de psychopathe. En même temps, elle était en manque de kills. ^^
Delta75 Delta75 12h30 ch4 p1 Elle s'éclate en tout cas. Psychopathe. :) Orc Sama a hâte d'en finir lui. :)
Tageule Tageule 11h44 ch3 p44 Ahh! donc mon tank fou de la chef et qui veut faire un screen avec l'amazone sont possible?! x) Bon à savoir ça! =p
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 11h27 ch4 p1 Orc sama râle tout le temps X)
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 11h27 ch4 p1 Très bonne question :D
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 11h27 ch4 p1 On sent la frustration que tu as eu quand ça t'es arrivé XD
FrenchKizz FrenchKizz 11h26 ch4 p1 Une amazone dans la nature, c'est chaud !
Erratum Mendelrock Erratum Mendelrock 11h11 ch4 p1 Pourquoi je sens que le boss du donjon va lui tomber sur le coin du nez, et que Galador va râler ?





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