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Guildadventure 30

Well, i guess this would have been more surprising if i hadn’t made the mistake to publish Monuca’s drawing 5 months ago, which gave clues about her muderous side. At that time my idea for the flashback chapter had some differences, and it wasn’t a secret that Monuca was the murderer; it was only later that i thought it could be an interesting idea to try to trick readers into thinking the murderer was Dragon, using some word tricks and confusions. Some people were tricked, others not so much, but at least it created a disscussion about who the murderer could be, among the characters in the comic. This by the way isn’t the first time i’ve done this, though the revelation of when i’ve done it in some case will come at a future date. If anything, you now know you can’t trust everything in this comic to be what it seems at first glance XD

Guildadventure 06/09/2018 16:50:30   
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Monster girls on tour

Monster girls on tour: cover




Author :

Original Language: Español

Type : manga

Genre : Humor

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