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Ouroboros 27

One way to beat her


Ouroboros 03/03/2015 17:50:55   
Bellatrice 33

What makes you say that?

Bellatrice 03/08/2015 09:45:11   
Ouroboros 27

the movie stars a safari hunter that tries to kill the patroginist in a house where weird things happen. the dude is part of the board game jamanji.
If you win shout jamji and it all goes away even when the dude fires a bullet at you at the same moment.

Ouroboros 03/08/2015 10:43:08   
Bellatrice 33

The movie doesn't start at all like that... And my question was "why did you say that?"

Bellatrice 03/09/2015 15:26:04   
Ouroboros 27

stars not start as in there is a safari dude in it.

And as you din't read the reply i will repeat the answer again.

the chaos of the movie including the safari dude disappeared after shouting jamnji after beating the game

Ouroboros 03/09/2015 17:26:29   
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