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Food Attack

Food Attack : manga cover

Two bounty hunters and a young princess are going to face the extremely-dangerous twisted evil fruits and vegetables.

The life is like an orange: sometimes it has its acidic points and simultaneously it is sweet.
Am I crazy? can... you decide it.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : Monday, Thursday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from right to left)

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Ebooks Food Attack available from 0.5
Chapter 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Chapter 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 38
Weight : 13.1MB
Price : 1€

Chapter 2 : Volume 2
Volume 2
Chapter 2

Format : PDF
Pages : 19
Weight : 8.0MB
Price : 0.5€

Chapter 3 : Volume 3
Volume 3
Chapter 3

Format : PDF
Pages : 19
Weight : 9.8MB
Price : 0.5€

Chapter 4 : Volume 4
Volume 4
Chapter 4

Format : PDF
Pages : 19
Weight : 9.7MB
Price : 0.5€

Chapter 5 : Volume 5
Volume 5
Chapter 5

Format : PDF
Pages : 19
Weight : 9.2MB
Price : 0.5€

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3637 Comments on the pages of Food Attack

Cap. AR! Cap. AR! 16Oct ch16 p1 Joder... La portada te ha quedado increíble :!:
TroyB TroyB 30May ch13 p5 Very cool, as always :)
TroyB TroyB 22Jan ch13 p4 Wird thinking bt ok :)
TroyB TroyB 22Jan ch13 p1 Cool illustration!
TroyB TroyB 22Jan ch12 p23 Ok. Quick :)
TroyB TroyB 22Jan ch12 p20 He's better than expected :)
f3nt0 f3nt0 21Dec ch1 p36 omg their boss is a twisted human! He better has like, a fruit heart or something. XP
ELbabotas ELbabotas 17Nov ch1 p22 Ey, some words are in the wrong place, just saying.
gerardorock2u gerardorock2u 12Apr ch1 p20 This is not bad, I wasn't sure because of the name but it is pretty good. :) (:
lauramma lauramma 10Mar ch5 p10 lol, xip's attack remembers me Sanji's diable jambe xD nice fight scenes though :)
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 12Feb ch5 p12 YEAH!!
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 12Feb ch5 p12 Katapum-pum!!! he aqui una pagina la cual fue una pesadilla para entintarla XD. Tuvimos una gran perdida en el equipo por esta pag (...)
Michaël Michaël 29Nov ch3 p4 Ok je vois d´ou vient le feu
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 26Nov ch3 p4 J'aime beaucoup cette double page, surtout sur l'effet de sang ^^
DrugOn DrugOn 22Nov ch2 p18 the answer of the third question... is a little weird... xD Yes, and the word "weird" it`s here an understatement! :D But in origi (...)

3637 comments in other languages.

A.C.Puig A.C.Puig yest. ch17 p10 ¡Reto de miradas! ¿quien ganara?
Asclepios Asclepios 15Sep ch17 p11 Deux mois et il a déjà le complexe d’Œdipe.
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 15Sep ch17 p8 Y aqui tenemos la tecnica del poder ancestral del casco. no recomendado para gente con vergüenza.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 11Sep ch17 p7 Supongo que se va a ver igual que un estereotipo francés.
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 11Sep ch17 p7 sip. un Xip, 11 años mas joven. a ver si de mas cerca se le ve algo mas diferente.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 11Sep ch17 p7 Y aquí tenemos a una cara conocida.
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 8Sep ch17 p6 lo mas curioso sera el como luego de esto, acaban siendo compañeros XD
Death-carioca Death-carioca 8Sep ch17 p6 Okay, ahora ya es demasiado obvio, son la neturiana y el fumador que aparecerán para ayudar a los protas. Has dejado a huevo lo m (...)
Cazadragones Cazadragones 8Sep ch17 p5 pues usa tu medio español... XD (o no tienes lado español?) XD
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 7Sep ch17 p5 aaah que susto. pensaba que no se pillaba a la primera. no me habra pasao ya XD
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 7Sep ch17 p5 pueeede...
A.C.Puig A.C.Puig 7Sep ch17 p5 es imposible... soy medio argentino XD
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Sep ch17 p5 Ya lo sé, solamente quería arrojar una broma estúpida por una vez en mi vida :S
Rambam Rambam 7Sep ch17 p5 ¿Es el del cigarro que luego acompaña a Lin?
Cazadragones Cazadragones 7Sep ch17 p5 haz una cosa... piensa en español en vez de en latino... XD

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A.C.Puig New Topic! 19Jul All comics - Food Attack - Food Attack Ilustrations Hi everyone! (friends and others XD). I had the idea of hanging a picture of Food Attack once a month. It could be a normal or chi (...)
XplosiX New Topic! 14Oct All comics - Food Attack - Welcom to "food attack" :) ! It's kinda weard, but I like it :)
johandark New Topic! 17Sep Video of Food Attack! It's cool man ! But I was hoping for more effects and cool stuff, here is nice but it's a slideshow . Good job anyway . (Es genia (...)

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