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Alvenon 26

I like the style of drawing, color and design of the creatures, I could not follow the story of the comic because I do not understand too well the English as I am of Spanish-speaking, but I love your designs, I will follow up your comic because I love and try to read it in English even if it costs me

Alvenon 01/14/2014 03:25:53   
alrickdrinkson 24

ask on your forum if someone can translate it, it's fully translated in french too, so you can aske for a french or english speaking to translate the comics

alrickdrinkson 01/16/2014 01:07:31   
YonYonYon 6

Thank you I'm glad you liked it so much you followed it

YonYonYon 01/16/2014 04:35:11   
christian thailande 3

No matter Alvenon, you ought to use any translator to help you and push on, OK? you are going to improve. drawings help to understand as well. by reading ever so slightly you'll improve your English skills
for sure. This is an effective way to forge ahead (improve quickly).
don't give up. Practice makes perfect. enjoy comics. be patient.

yes, nice drawings. Thank you ever so much 'author'.

christian thailande 10/20/2014 18:23:45   
YonYonYon 6

Why did you put "author" into quotes?..

YonYonYon 10/20/2014 21:17:52   
alrickdrinkson 24

because firs part of is message is to alvenon, the 1st comment ^^, the second part is for you(and he probably didn't see your name on the right side^^

alrickdrinkson 10/21/2014 09:55:20   
YonYonYon 6

Still, why couldn't he say "Thank you so much, author" or "Thanks to the author" or something? adding quotes to it looks like I'm not the author, I mean. Fake author.

YonYonYon 10/21/2014 11:16:30   
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The Heart of Earth

The Heart of Earth: cover




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Original Language: English

Type : Comics

Genre : Fantasy - SF

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