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some kind of a deep memory when he is unconscious...

ADT 06/22/2013 05:36:28   
ImagineTheEnding 5

Memory? Why do you think this has to deal with his past? More than one person thinks this. I am curious to know where they may be getting this from.

The reason why I think this is interesting is because no where on this page does it imply it's a memory.

ImagineTheEnding 06/22/2013 07:21:25   
gobes 19

Here is a translation of my possible explanation:

I think you have to know something: kaspians ARE NOT humans. They look alike, but they're not humans. They probably know the existence of alien races, but live very well without them - for that reason the alien problem is taken very seriously a few page earlier.
The attack of Aex (who is human, but can be mistaken with a kaspian) should cause quite a mess, so it's normal militia are formed by some kind of extremists to find the attacker. Maybe it reminds them that bloodshed Jin was talking about page 4, as if here (in France) a jew was shot in the street and a tank with a swastika was seen in the city.
It's only my opinion

Si vous voulez plus d'infos sur le background de Vacant, allez faire un tour sur le site officiel ( C'est plein de trucs vachement intéressants

gobes 06/22/2013 15:04:34   
ImagineTheEnding 5

You've become the Vacant guru. Even though everyone sees something differently, you somehow always get the story right. Haha.

ImagineTheEnding 06/22/2013 19:55:16   
gobes 19

That's because I'm in the comic's team

And I've read the other pages and some other parts on your website, so I know things other people don't know :p

gobes 06/23/2013 20:28:45   
ImagineTheEnding 5

You're still pretty good at this, in my opinion.

ImagineTheEnding 06/24/2013 08:25:24   
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