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Comics and mangas with original language: English


Action by Taresh

Rank: 3, Points: 282

Updated: yest. Pages: 1397

the Ryak-Lo are thought to be a mysterious long dead god-like race. But now, a young girl known as Ryna somehow has this power...


The Steam Dragon Express

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 7, Points: 228

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 69

What would you do, if you got the chance to live in an exciting magical fantasy world? Would you go back to your safe and...


Gangsta and Paradise

Action by nilanandita

Rank: 13, Points: 202

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 108

Welcome to the age of vice, Kali Yuga.
The age when human civilization has been brainwashed into the depraved lifestyle of the...


Crimson Game

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 15, Points: 200

Finished comics Pages: 47

It is said, that one can achieve success but by being at the right place, at the right time. Is this really true?




Fantasy - SF by Darius

Rank: 17, Points: 193

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 413

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are...


Magical Police Girl

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 18, Points: 192

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 24

Francesca Kensington is a student at the New York Police Academy, but one day she is suddenly dragged out of her classroom by...


In Logos Creo

Fantasy - SF by Elias Dessineux, Disgression

Rank: 19, Points: 188

Finished comics Pages: 16

Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin. One builds, the other reduces to naught.
Our World isn't made out of only one...



Fantasy - SF by Reon Merryweather

Rank: 20, Points: 184

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 52

Katherine DeLarge one day recieves a free sample of experimental energy drinks, from a mysterious mailman. She soon discovers...


The Wastelands

Fantasy - SF by Petitecreme

Rank: 23, Points: 180

Updated: 11Jun Pages: 212

A world abandoned by Gods and the people who try to find out why.


Boy with a secret


Rank: 24, Points: 176

Updated: 7Apr Pages: 134

Boy with a Secret is an engaging and modern comic that follows the life of a young boy and his hidden secrets. Only a few are...


J-Stars Victory Vs

Action by JSP

Rank: 26, Points: 170

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 23

And so it begins! This project is a reboot of Yusuke Murata's 2005 one-shot "Jump Super Stars", and with the help of artist...



Fantasy - SF by fakehero

Rank: 27, Points: 170

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 21

After two years of fruitless job-searching, Karasu's savings were running dry. With barely enough money to last him the month,...



Action by VonBoche

Rank: 36, Points: 149

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 107

Sometimes, one has to do what one doesn't want. It's like when you have pineapple in your pizza and it sucks but you don't...


Blaze of Silver

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 41, Points: 144

Updated: yest. Pages: 288

Yi Hufu is a young teenage girl who accidentally releases a long forgotten and evil deity into her world.
The Silver God Huan...


Nameless Snow

Action by MarinaPRIV

Rank: 45, Points: 142

Updated: 8Aug Pages: 40

Beautifully designed and choreographed confrontation, without a single word uttered


Chocolate with Pepper

Humor by chikita

Rank: 51, Points: 137

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 246

Chocolate with Pepper

Part 1: The story takes place in the 1920s in a lovely small town called Ventura, in Brazil....


Desert Rats

by Pink_Marionette

Rank: 54, Points: 134

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 45

The barren wasteland, where hunters gain power with fear and reputation.
In a world where the wolf eats the cub, two friends...


The Return of Caine...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 56, Points: 133

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 175

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by !



by cris fabian

Rank: 72, Points: 123

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 60

Japanese agent trains foreigner rookies for the SSA agency against crime in Tokyo. The new rookie, Irene from Italy reveal...


All Because of You

Romance by Tanako

Rank: 73, Points: 123

Updated: 4Jan Pages: 29

All because of you is a web comic about a high school girl  named Moon who later discovers she has magical powers after...


Hunter´s Moon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 78, Points: 120

Updated: 11Mar Pages: 109

The shadows of the world hold beings that defy human reason. For millennia they have stayed away, living on the edge of our...


Fuck You!

Thriller by Akeema

Rank: 84, Points: 118

Finished comics Pages: 9

A short, blunt anti-love story.


Dragon Scream

Fantasy - SF by Toh

Rank: 88, Points: 116

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 44

Time is an immense force. It is unspeakably powerful. A fundamental part of our existence that cannot be stopped...
The three...


Equestrian Wind Mage

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 90, Points: 116

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 58

Vaati the Wind Mage, seeking a change in lifestyle, accidentally teleports himself to Equestria. How will the presence of...




Rank: 96, Points: 113

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 11

This is a story of two legendary heroes who changed the destiny of the humankind in a dragon world.



Action by Saikono

Rank: 102, Points: 112

Updated: 14Mar Pages: 23

Excellent manga full of adventures set in medieval times!



Fantasy - SF by Jay Crest

Rank: 112, Points: 109

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 10

When lead vocalist and secret vampire Scarlet Rae Drakona fought with the band's...


The Black Doctor

Thriller by Watapoku

Rank: 114, Points: 109

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 35

The Black Doctor is a man known on the internet for his ability to cure all kinds of illnesses without using medications or...


Adventures of a Girl and...


Rank: 116, Points: 108

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 11

A bored little girl who doesn't believe in miracles gets a surprise visit from a few pandas traveling in a box on top of giant...



Action by Ikki San Gaspar

Rank: 121, Points: 108

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 25

Rumors about the revival of the great demon King Belial spread throughout the continents and it is up to our heroes to unify...


Kempen Adventures

Fantasy - SF by Ouroboros

Rank: 137, Points: 104

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 32

Kempen Adventures protrays a story that plays out in an African like world in the Blaze of Silver world's past, through the...


Demon Fist

Action by RoryFeatherwind

Rank: 150, Points: 102

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 70

In world where demons and angels live among humans and a tyrannical world government controls the people through their faith...


Grimm Legacy

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 153, Points: 101

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 10

This story takes place in the Fairy Tale world. Our Protagonist is the younger Grimm Brother. After watching his older brother...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 154, Points: 101

Updated: 12Feb Pages: 39

A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called...


Giving Smiles Away

Romance by Nana Henn

Rank: 164, Points: 99

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 23

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Nana Henn!



Action by Mustayaki

Rank: 173, Points: 97

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 30

Many years ago a giant disaster struck Earth, leaving mountains of rubble and debris. On one of those mountains lives the...


Bata Neart

Fantasy - SF by rawrtacular

Rank: 174, Points: 97

Updated: 1Nov Pages: 163

Ashling was a normal Irish teenager, until the day an ancient Celtic weapon found her. She now fights to hold onto her normal...



Fantasy - SF by Sideburn004

Rank: 178, Points: 95

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 10

A most common alternate reality, a most common teenager, and a most common attempt on his life ...



Fantasy - SF by Loicklegacy

Rank: 189, Points: 93

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 132

A webcomic about a lost hero and a strange tigress. Follow the tracks of our hero lost in a new world, adventure,...


Border Knights

Fantasy - SF by River West

Rank: 199, Points: 92

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 10

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by River West!


Bird - complete

Thriller by CrashBoomBang

Rank: 201, Points: 91

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 49

"Bird" is a story about a sceptical little girl who seem to care about nothing.
Being at a boring summer camp, she hates the...



Rank: 206, Points: 88

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 25

Two Hybrid brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever are out for revenge against the Clan of Vampires that...


Do It Yourself!


Rank: 208, Points: 88

Updated: 12Sep Pages: 123

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work...



by Sid1ous

Rank: 210, Points: 87

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 25

The world has fallen into a state of chaos and war. A group of Angels fell to earth to become mankind's new Gods and prove to...


A Gobo's Life

Fantasy - SF by nicheck

Rank: 213, Points: 86

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 34

Fantasy adventure comic about two goblins.
updates whenever about once a week.

artwork will get better with every page, i...


Almost a Real Story

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 215, Points: 85

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 5

A nice quirky skit with a bit of a twist ending.



Action by neostar8710

Rank: 216, Points: 85

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 76

An evil wizard turned Charles' whole town into a kitchen (that's right). Cursed with the body of a SPOON, he has embarked on a...


Johnny Bullet

Action by Toondoctor

Rank: 222, Points: 84

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 89

A brash but clever professional 1970s drag racer gets embroiled in local street racing and small town politics after evading...


Underneath The Dead City

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 224, Points: 83

Updated: 4May Pages: 44

Below the world of 9-5's and rising taxes is a place for misfits and outcasts. By day, they follow the rules and conform to...


For Blest and Holy Fools

Thriller by meissdes, noi-albinoi

Rank: 227, Points: 83

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 13

A quirky little vignette, which gives a wonderfully surreal twist to the familiar boy-meets-girl cliche


Invincible (We Don't...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 230, Points: 83

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 58

Outlaw and wanted criminal Vincent Silvera awakens to find himself in Limbo. His life has just been cut short, but by whom? He...



by ligia.zanella

Rank: 233, Points: 82

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 49

Calendar tells the story of Suzan, a hard worker and dedicated lady that watches her life take another course when she meets a...


Hunk and Dashing

Rank: 241, Points: 80

Updated: 7Apr Pages: 60

The Gullible Siren is a dating service in a fantasy world.

Where Dwarves and Elves have to see eye to eye or lose there trail...



Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 251, Points: 79

Updated: 10Aug Pages: 40

Fang Spearer from planet Puulp, a legendary space warrior, meets Lyrics, a girl who is being chased by the powerful Breather



Fantasy - SF by Genie

Rank: 255, Points: 77

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 32

Short story. A piece of scrap made for a life of submission is lead on a journey which makes him question his recycled...


Blade of the Freak

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 257, Points: 77

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 29

Login is a slacker who owns the legendary Sword of Lode, a sword that cannot cut through anything. In order to not pierce his...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 258, Points: 77

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 26

Characters/ Players awaken in an unknown video game world. Their last memory is of different things, some could be driving a...


Tales of the Winterborn

Fantasy - SF by Tad

Rank: 259, Points: 76

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 361

In a world where manipulation has become common currency, is anyone truly in control of their own fate? Welcome to the...



by MKC

Rank: 261, Points: 76

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 38

After 11years of slavery as a RUNNER, Crow, the last humain fortunatly escapes. In the greatest confusion and unbelievable...


Trick Master

Action by edegaragostinho

Rank: 273, Points: 72

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 25

A circus artist, a kicker, and an intrigant history of demons and two organizations: The evil Black Sphere and the demon...


Dhalmun: Mythology

Fantasy - SF by Biram Ba

Rank: 279, Points: 72

Updated: 26Jun Pages: 4

The most popular belief system in the world of Dhalmun.


Dragon Ball Super GT

Rank: 282, Points: 72

Updated: 11Oct Pages: 2

A new Dragon Ball fan comic called "Dragon Ball Super GT", it's a remake of Dragon Ball GT.

Story by JStarsProject, Art by...



Romance by Rennakins

Rank: 286, Points: 71

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 21

This is a comic about twelve high school kids who play baseball and do things that high school kids are wont to do... like...


Rota Fortunae

Thriller by Keruo Nasumishi

Rank: 290, Points: 70

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 14

Rota Fortunae means the Wheel of fortune. In the past, people believed, that the goddess Fortuna spins the wheel with her...


The legend of the Mirror...

Rank: 306, Points: 68

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 19

Copia was once covered in Evil, once sealed by the goddess Koa', Victor sacrificed himself to protect this planet, 200 years...



Humor by secondchildren

Rank: 309, Points: 67

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 5

The "real" story of Geralt of Rivia and his boozer mates... well, almost! NB: No polar tigers was hurted in the maging of this...


Blademasters: Modern Age

Rank: 314, Points: 67

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 9

Original Story by: Zeldrak
New Story by: Ivy Mitsuno

The new adventures of a "trouble maker" New friends, newlive, new...


The Battle of the Queens

Rank: 317, Points: 67

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 21

In a fantasy realm, full of fairy tales, myths and legends, lives a girl whose name is Lisya Yin. She is the best disciple of...


BOON Complex

Rank: 319, Points: 67

Updated: 14May Pages: 8

Promo video:

What started as a deal, ended as an obligation.

Moriaki and Cephas...


The God and the Player

Humor by lauramma

Rank: 320, Points: 67

Updated: 11Sep Pages: 47

FINISHED!! 42 pages long and 2 bonus sketch!
A game of baseball full of cheats and madness!


Ancient SHINee

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 321, Points: 66

Updated: 16May Pages: 5

In Ancient Egypt , there 2 kingdoms, the Pharaoh of the South & the Pharaoh of the North, then a giant mystery make the...


SMS, Lies and Video

Humor by eandspresent

Rank: 330, Points: 66

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 1

“SMS’ LIES and VIDEO” – A look behind the masks of high profile charity campaigns and events.


Climate Change Explaind...

by nylnook

Rank: 333, Points: 65

Finished comics Pages: 8

Climate Change Explained to Frogs, to Toads, to Batrachians Generally, and All Earthlings Who Might Feel a Little...


Otona no manga no machi

Rank: 334, Points: 65

Updated: 24Mar Pages: 47

Emono o Taberu is a normal eastern cartoon hentai toon. Who has grown tired of the constant assaults on her body. And decided...



Fantasy - SF by johandark

Rank: 336, Points: 63

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 32

the old version of Dark Heroes. When I was 13.


The Gazette's vacation


Rank: 338, Points: 62

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10

This is a doujinshi based on the famous japanese rock band the Gazette.


Sin Eternal

by Montai

Rank: 342, Points: 56

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 22

A mini battle manga I'm doing of a game I'm making. A ex-clansmen battle over who should take over their disbanded group.


Comics and manga translated into: English


Humor by Asura00

Rank: 1, Points: 308

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 556

Our world is too normal. Heroic fantasy is much better, isn't it?
Follow the adventures of an apprentice magician, her talking...


Super Dragon Bros Z

Action by Berrizo

Rank: 2, Points: 288

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 425

The worlds of Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros. collide !

Bros Gokû, world champion and savior of the Earth, must partner...


DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra...

Action by Chewys

Rank: 4, Points: 271

Updated: yest. Pages: 94

This is a non official copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of Dragon Ball Multiverse: what would have happened...



Action by TroyB

Rank: 5, Points: 267

Updated: 1May Pages: 383

The incredible adventures of Amilova, a teenage girl that discovers her Fire Super Powers ! Action, magic, mysteries, love and...



by FrenchKizz

Rank: 6, Points: 237

Updated: yest. Pages: 97

Two NPCs* in an MMORPG* are acting by their own, that will not be without consequences, for them and Real-life-players.



Guild Adventure

Action by Guildadventure

Rank: 11, Points: 206

Updated: 25Oct Pages: 478

Guild adventure is an adventure comic based on videogames like monster hunter, in wich we will follow the story of a peculiar...


Run 8

Action by Mimiyavi, studio.takoyaki

Rank: 21, Points: 183

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 283

In a world were hate is a benediction, Sklan and his friend Topazio will begin race against madness.

Mimi is the illustrator...


ARKHAM roots

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 22, Points: 180

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 281

A guy who seems to have some special power helps to resolve cases for a secret organization.

mysteries, ghosts, undead,...


Food Attack

Action by A.C.Puig

Rank: 25, Points: 173

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 418

Two bounty hunters and a young princess are going to face the extremely-dangerous twisted evil fruits and vegetables.



Monster girls on tour


Rank: 29, Points: 159

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 124

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guildadventure!


Dragon Piece

Humor by Gogéta Jr

Rank: 33, Points: 152

Finished comics Pages: 17

A really cool crossover



Action by nakiringo

Rank: 34, Points: 151

Updated: 19Dec Pages: 48

Who the hell needs dying!

Those who have committed crimes in this world shall move on to Gehenna in the next. And there, in...


Saint Seiya - Black War

Action by Tsubaki de Vela, Atalante

Rank: 37, Points: 149

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 220

The year of 1349. The knights who survived the Holy War against Hades are back to the Sanctuary. But instead of what they...


No Softly

Action by Mabeelz, Salagir

Rank: 39, Points: 147

Finished comics Pages: 66

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Mabeelz and imagined by Salagir!


Eternal Linker 永久の連動者

Action by 戦国結城

Rank: 40, Points: 147

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 66

A man in the body of a monster, and a monster in a man's body ... The tale of a young boy and a man of unusual talents!



Humor by Toshi.D

Rank: 42, Points: 143

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 105

Tibo Abias is an ordinary guy who could one day become the most powerful being in the universe... story inspired by the...


Saint Seiya - Eole...

Action by mista, BigFire

Rank: 43, Points: 143

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 154

The destruction of the submarine Sanctuary issued the Millennium enemy of Poseidon. Although this last is enclosed in the urn...


Ghost Rules

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 49, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 21

Lara accidentally discovers that her boyfriend is cheating her... At the same time she realizes that now is a ghost!


Night Feast

Thriller by hanada

Rank: 53, Points: 135

Updated: 14May Pages: 45

The year is 2024. When night falls the "birds" appear. They are called Nue, after the chimera of Japanese myth. The name of...



Action by さぎなだ けい

Rank: 55, Points: 134

Updated: 7May Pages: 80

Kaldericku is a world rich in magic, where humans and other living things live alongside gods, as well as the demons they...



Action by Yoh-BlackBane

Rank: 57, Points: 133

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 99

In a world disfigured by magic, Yorah inherits of the humanity's saviour's memory, Adek, while the latter forgot his mission...


Saint Seiya - Ocean...


Rank: 60, Points: 131

Finished comics Pages: 312

Saint Seiya - The Ocean Chapter is the continuity of the anime, from the sagas Poseidon and Hades. Updates Monday, Wednesday...



Action by Fruit, Flamby

Rank: 61, Points: 131

Updated: 3Oct Pages: 13

Nanti is a wolf demon from the world of Esmera. He must overcome his hatred of humans in order to assist Kenna, Kalyan and...


Mythes et Légendes

Romance by Miss-M

Rank: 64, Points: 130

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 41

Haruka is a girl that, in her dreams, embodies legendary creatures. This amuses her until the day she is hit by a car....


Bienvenidos a República...

Humor by Fernando_Biz

Rank: 65, Points: 127

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 74

Estrella is a normal 14 years old girl. Her peaceful life will change when she meets a strange boy...

"Bienvenidos a...



Humor by Keiden

Rank: 68, Points: 125

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 112

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!


One-shot - AF

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard, Jormest

Rank: 69, Points: 125

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 22

Méliarn, a young security guard, is forced to face a colossal sea monster ... but who is he? And why he captures all the...



Fantasy - SF by Eskhar

Rank: 70, Points: 124

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 64

The metropolis' suburbs. Maiden, 16 years old, is going through the contaminated area, in districts affected by the Scourge, a...



Action by ウエイエイト

Rank: 71, Points: 124

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 31

A fantastic Rock'n'roll music manga, created by ウエイ エイト!


The Boy from Salida

Romance by moriyama

Rank: 74, Points: 121

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 79

A story with slight touches of fantasy, set in the fictional kingdom of Salida, which shares many traits in common with the...



Fantasy - SF by MonicaNG

Rank: 76, Points: 121

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 106

When Syrma, the exiled princess of the liosalfar, discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she...


Les portes d'Ys

Fantasy - SF by Alwine

Rank: 81, Points: 119

Updated: 6Feb Pages: 70

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Alwine!



Fantasy - SF by nynadp

Rank: 82, Points: 118

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 15

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by nynadp!



Fantasy - SF by feilang

Rank: 87, Points: 116

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 59

AMU Corporation Virtual Reality Game Development Studio: founded in 2042 AD and employing a staff of 1500 people. The company...


Angelic Kiss

Thriller by DizonX

Rank: 91, Points: 115

Updated: 24Jul Pages: 82

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by DizonX!



Fantasy - SF by masuki

Rank: 92, Points: 115

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 15

From the files of Detective Tsukiboshi from CosmoPolice. The fish-headed aliens, blast cannons and light sabers may be science...


Flame Jinniyah

Action by murakami.zdm904

Rank: 93, Points: 115

Updated: 18May Pages: 29

A tale of knights and Jinn, set against the background of 12 century Europe and the medieval Islamic world


Mery X Max

Fantasy - SF by shiwi

Rank: 94, Points: 114

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 12

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by shiwi!


The intruder


Rank: 95, Points: 113

Finished comics Pages: 25

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!


Ash and the City of...

Action by namaneko

Rank: 97, Points: 113

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 40

This short story, rather reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's take on children's fantasy, is the work of a professional illustrator...


The Fallen Sentries

Fantasy - SF by Velkia

Rank: 98, Points: 112

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 55

Axel is a farmer that wants to leave his farm to explore the world. One day, when suddenly his grandmother is being attacked...


Driver for hire

Action by FRD

Rank: 100, Points: 112

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 10

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by FRD!


Cowboys In Orbit


Rank: 101, Points: 112

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 117

In 4512, torn between gang wars and "ROM" deals, the inhabitants of the Earth, the "paramessiahs", are trying to find a future...


Les Heritiers de...

by Sandymoon

Rank: 104, Points: 112

Updated: 31Oct Pages: 22

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Sandymoon!


Dawn Aria

Fantasy - SF by simamura

Rank: 107, Points: 111

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 40

A dawning world will be destroyed and then reborn a new by her heavenly song...



Action by *marianne*

Rank: 108, Points: 111

Updated: 20Mar Pages: 24

"This is one of the greatest adventures of my life. When I was 12 years old, I was living in Britain and I was working at the...


Gealach Dark

Action by I.S.M,

Rank: 110, Points: 110

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 8

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by !


Yokai Yokai

Humor by mbuma

Rank: 111, Points: 109

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 67

Japan, 16th century. Keiniku Nama is a Seppuku 'organizer'. He is now hired by Shido Seishin, a great scammer, to prepare his...


Cupidon Boy

Romance by Adou Fisch

Rank: 113, Points: 109

Updated: 4Mar Pages: 53

Rey, a shy and effeminate teenager, finally decids to become a real man. The first day of school, he declares his love to...


The Fairy Tale Wizard

Fantasy - SF by tatsukawa

Rank: 115, Points: 108

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 21

The story of a young wizard, set against the background of a long-standing rivalry between two great empires, dominating a...


Caput Mortuum

Romance by hoshimaro

Rank: 118, Points: 108

Updated: 12May Pages: 72

The story of two sisters and the bonds that tie them together even beyond this world.



Action by darkwisard, Ruleslemanga

Rank: 119, Points: 108

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 74

Follow Sunny and his friends incredible adventures, through a bunch of crazy islands... and discover the secrets of...



Thriller by Wilfried Bento

Rank: 120, Points: 108

Updated: 18Oct Pages: 13

Akira Okami is a student ill at ease, the life of the hikikomori is changed abruptly one afternoon on the roof of his high...


Until her last breath

Romance by AkimoriAkahana

Rank: 124, Points: 108

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 7

Nothing lasts forever...

I want to become THE BEST MANGAKA in the world!
Current Residence: Russia //
Favourite style of...


Legado de Ouro

by TeamLegado

Rank: 125, Points: 108

Updated: 19Oct Pages: 12

Após o final das Batalhas, Atena descansava em seus Aposentos quando tem um pesadelo na qual uma criatura Primordial a...


Chronoctis Express

Fantasy - SF by Aerinn

Rank: 126, Points: 107

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 41

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Aerinn!



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 127, Points: 107

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 69

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Guildadventure!


Restless Dreams

Thriller by Nuxcia

Rank: 128, Points: 107

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 89

Franz Eïnfrost is both a psychiatrist and a skilled assassin at the Solius Institute, a unique prison facility unlike any...


Bearer of the Gods

by nikom

Rank: 129, Points: 106

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 7

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by nikom!


Saint Seiya Ultimate

Action by mike du 62880

Rank: 135, Points: 105

Updated: 9Jan Pages: 606

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by mike du 62880!


Be responsible! 責任とってね!


Rank: 136, Points: 104

Updated: 26Apr Pages: 34

Romance between two manga artists.



Fantasy - SF by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 138, Points: 104

Finished comics Pages: 17

What's beyond Death ?



Humor by Mariko

Rank: 139, Points: 104

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 65

Hellshling, as some of you can already tell by the title, is a parody of the manga Hellsing by kouta Hirano!



Yuuki of the Willow


Rank: 141, Points: 103

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

The beginning of the story of a bishonen yokai named Yuuki


Available on the Shore

Humor by Kuniéko, MaxLanders

Rank: 143, Points: 103

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 8

A fruit seller on the beach, a city lost on the Mediterranean coast, inhabited by sadics and visited by lunatics, a...



Thriller by Ogawa Niyako

Rank: 145, Points: 102

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 55

Cyber-crime noir story with a design-savvy leftfield art style, courtesy of artist Ogawa Niyako.


Irene et les Heimdalls

Thriller by Reen et Aka

Rank: 147, Points: 102

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 41

The human world is being protected from vampires and werewolves by guardian called Heimdalls. They are endowed with magical...


Two Men and a Camel

Action by Angy89, Kuraudo

Rank: 148, Points: 102

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 108

We're in a bizarre world. Two men are in a strange situation, luck doesn't assist 'em... but at least they aren't short on...



Action by Natacha Barthès

Rank: 162, Points: 100

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 210

" Alma is a 17 y.o. young girl waking up in the Afterlife, with no memory of her death. Thanks to her very pure heart, she's...


Crow Reloaded

Humor by kikealapont

Rank: 163, Points: 99

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 8

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by kikealapont!


The Lord of the Wind

Action by hayard

Rank: 165, Points: 99

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 22

This is the story of a young elf who is trying to find his way among humans, while the world is plagued by a terrible virus...



Romance by Yeniel

Rank: 166, Points: 98

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 185

The story of an ancient fairy, pursued and killed, who reborn in our time.

Hello it's me, Yeniel ! Never very good at...


Fireworks Detective

Thriller by Art-of-Kawaii

Rank: 167, Points: 98

Updated: 10Jul Pages: 22

Crimes, cover-ups, murders, robberies ... It is this kind of cases that resolve Hanabi Matsuri and her partner Kenta. But what...


Daily Life of Sefora


Rank: 168, Points: 98

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 66

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by A.C.Puig!


Un Amor Imposible

Romance by Estrellamireia

Rank: 170, Points: 98

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 20

Mireia, a girl of 17, discovers in her room a door that she had never seen before. Within it lies another world, a world...


Corredores Fantasmas

Thriller by Ichirou, Quadrinize

Rank: 171, Points: 97

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 23

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Ichirou and imagined by Quadrinize!



Fantasy - SF by Ryujin-Sama

Rank: 176, Points: 96

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 22

In a world where legends' creatures prospered, vampires had succeed in dominating Lycans and humans for 500 years. The last...


3 Pouces et demi

Fantasy - SF by Sieg, Kinkgirl

Rank: 177, Points: 95

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sieg and imagined by Kinkgirl!



Action by stephane censi

Rank: 179, Points: 95

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 49

Discover NOLAN the lastest manga of Stephane Censi !


Level UP !

Humor by Krayon

Rank: 184, Points: 94

Updated: 22Nov Pages: 59

Follow the tales of a hero and his yld (young lady in distress) !
Please enjoy and immerse yourself in the fun and the...


Zack et les anges de la...

Action by sebynosaure

Rank: 185, Points: 94

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 48

Only survivor of his family slaughter, Zack integrates the gang of "Angels of the Road". A biker gang made ​​of orphans. It is...



Action by Kidzo

Rank: 186, Points: 94

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Kidzo!


Dominic, the demon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 192, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 3

Little Dominic is an unusual demon in hell: is cheerful, funny and somewhat distracted. Accompany him on their crazy...


Dead Romance: Ultra Numb

Rank: 198, Points: 92

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 2

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by !


Pussy Quest

Humor by M7X

Rank: 200, Points: 92

Updated: 22May Pages: 49

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by M7X!



Fantasy - SF by satanasov

Rank: 204, Points: 88

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 9

A dark sci-fi adventure full of violence...


7 Oníris Colors

Fantasy - SF by Mitu

Rank: 205, Points: 88

Finished comics Pages: 13

7 races were separated after the great war, now seven youths of different colors go on an adventure to end the curse of Deo


Mon coeur ne bat que...

Humor by Oizofu

Rank: 212, Points: 86

Updated: 16Nov Pages: 9

Shonen-Kawai : The adventures of Naomi et Nobu...


Follow me

Thriller by ezysummers

Rank: 218, Points: 85

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 43

A story about a girl who lost her hope and dreams. But suddenly a new world opens up to her in an inexplicable and incredible...


Secret Files A.C.Puig


Rank: 219, Points: 85

Finished comics Pages: 130

Short stories...



Thriller by manapany

Rank: 220, Points: 85

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 46

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by manapany!


The Millennial War

Action by Guillaume_D

Rank: 221, Points: 84

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 16

For martial arts fans...


Moon Chronicles

Romance by ivy-mitsuno

Rank: 226, Points: 83

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 102

As all the fairy tales, this one begin with a princess in a tower...


Yggddrasill M.O.M

Fantasy - SF by Jinon

Rank: 232, Points: 83

Updated: 25Dec Pages: 18

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Jinon!



Thriller by Estherrulez

Rank: 234, Points: 82

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 21

It's on the back of a crow that I'm taking you to Never Land my children !


Dark Eagle


Rank: 238, Points: 81

Updated: 5Oct Pages: 9

A boxer with a promising future finds himself hunted by the police and unscrupulous men...



Romance by NINONetRIIE

Rank: 240, Points: 80

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 5

The crazy story of four high school students... They have completely different tastes and interests but they are all connected...


Yo Nen

Action by LeaCaballero

Rank: 243, Points: 80

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 6

Nen is a guy like any other. But his friends are NOT this way. Everyone says to him: "Stop being a coward" "You have to fight...




Rank: 244, Points: 80

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 84

"We don't fear to say "I love you". We fear to don't hear it back"

Jonathan is a teenager in love with a girl but he doesn't...


Itai Tenshi

Action by Y-Mangaka

Rank: 252, Points: 78

Updated: 22Sep Pages: 42

Itai Takahara has enough of his bad luck and pray heaven to help him. Then a young angel still learning how to do all of her...


Love Luna

Romance by AngelCelestial

Rank: 254, Points: 78

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 66

Angel is a girl with a rare disease which causes nightmares: what comes in her dreams is her past. So she will finally...


Bak Inferno

Thriller by 1LD3

Rank: 256, Points: 77

Finished comics Pages: 89

One day, Bak, a 17 years boy, meets a man dressed all in black who proposes him to sign a very special contract...



Thriller by Hanaa

Rank: 263, Points: 75

Updated: 8Apr Pages: 27

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Hanaa!


Petit Bouche

Action by Pepe Diaz

Rank: 264, Points: 75

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 20

In 2020, Natalia Duvachelle livse a completely normal life for a 14 years old girl. But still, her life is marked by the death...



Fantasy - SF by Strawberry

Rank: 266, Points: 74

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 19

A story full of adventure, action and... Dragons!
Discover the exploits of Dragan and his younger brother Echo, two Dragon...



Thriller by imple

Rank: 267, Points: 74

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 51

"I promise you, I won't fight again"

we always pay one day for our mistakes. But how can we live when we lost our most...



Action by NaNa Sakaru

Rank: 270, Points: 73

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 8

The story of Mayu, a young girl and adventurer, in the Land of Dark Wood Circus...



Action by Alex Xaysena

Rank: 271, Points: 73

Updated: 16Mar Pages: 49

A story inspired by a famous 12th century French chanson de geste "The Four Sons of Duke Aymon". Embark on an epic quest!


Level 53

Fantasy - SF by Drawly

Rank: 272, Points: 73

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 36

The manga follows Yukari and Danella.Yukari wakes up without any memories of his own. What he is about to discover is a...


Black Burn Chronicles

Fantasy - SF by Sorane

Rank: 274, Points: 72

Updated: 11Feb Pages: 11

In the underworld, a war rages between angels and demons for centuries. Théo, 17 years old, is in the wrong place at the wrong...


Borders of the Black...

Fantasy - SF by Jaydehei, Sheitan

Rank: 276, Points: 72

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 37

Can anybody stop these terrorists? Maybe someone can... maybe Nuada and its soo funky style !


Spirit's Heart

Fantasy - SF by Sheeny

Rank: 277, Points: 72

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sheeny!


Neko Ni Shi

by L-Cacahuète

Rank: 278, Points: 72

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 27

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by L-Cacahuète!


Snow Angel

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 285, Points: 71

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 29

Marina is baby-sitting her little sister, Milly and when it's time to go to bed, she starts to be a bit...uncooperative....



by Larryon

Rank: 287, Points: 71

Updated: 24Dec Pages: 28

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Larryon!


Orium Caspium

Action by IDias

Rank: 289, Points: 70

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 21

Medion is a young Prince of a country called Angelus. One day, a demon's visit will make him go in a great adventure.


Let me Fly

Action by Aline Potiron

Rank: 291, Points: 69

Updated: 12May Pages: 16

Lili is one of the most gifted with magical potential people. Even though her life is not a pice of a cake...


Lost Fruits

Action by lostfruty

Rank: 294, Points: 69

Updated: 18Aug Pages: 12

When the gods have decided to eradicate the human race, unexpectedly the Mother Nature opposed to their plans. Then the...


Ilusion de Vida

Thriller by C.A

Rank: 295, Points: 69

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 10

If you look behind you, you will see your mistakes, if you look ahead, you will see your possibilities. It is better that you...


Ulrich no Smash Bros.

Humor by Jheronim0

Rank: 296, Points: 69

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 15

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Jheronim0!


Union of Heroes

Rank: 298, Points: 69

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 30

A freedom fighter lost in time.
An undying monster wanted to be forgotten by the world.
A woman following a legacy she didn't...


Before the Show

Thriller by MlleOcatopus

Rank: 299, Points: 68

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 37

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by MlleOcatopus!


Zombie Hunters

Thriller by Jinshir0

Rank: 302, Points: 68

Updated: 2May Pages: 14

Go hunting zombies with Nami, who tries to survive in a world ravaged by a third world war and an invasion of zombies...


Rockets Group

Action by MauRi

Rank: 304, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 3

The wizard Hevek revived to the forces of the nature and he wants to extinguish the humanity for revenge. But an awkward and...



Action by Kaneki Djace

Rank: 305, Points: 68

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 19

The story begins in year 6998 in a clash against a dimien demon(From the Latin dimensiva which means dimensional) who was to...


My Life Your Life

Fantasy - SF by Croa

Rank: 307, Points: 68

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 13

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Croa!


Go!Go!Go! Felicity


Rank: 310, Points: 67

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 7

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by ligia.zanella!


Dark Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by Nyuki

Rank: 312, Points: 67

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Nyuki!



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 313, Points: 67

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 8

The story of the young Elysia, living on her moon without really knowing why or how. But one day, an android comes to the moon...



Fantasy - SF by Renkei Fuwarito

Rank: 316, Points: 67

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Renkei Fuwarito!



Action by Van Reigh

Rank: 325, Points: 66

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 1

The Saga of the emissaries... based on the manga HunterXHunter.


Les contes des 1001...

by Ruof

Rank: 326, Points: 66

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 9

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Ruof!


Love is Blind

by MissPicouli

Rank: 328, Points: 66

Updated: 11Feb Pages: 8

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by MissPicouli!


Simple Love

Romance by Freakazoid

Rank: 335, Points: 64

Finished comics Pages: 37

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Freakazoid!


Dead Thunder

Action by liamdonne, drixou

Rank: 337, Points: 63

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 25

I have the honor to present you my manga "Dead Thunder" !! Read fastly this manga whiwh will lose your breath and that will...



Fantasy - SF by valdé

Rank: 340, Points: 58

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 21

In a 22nd century ravaged by an atomic World War, resistance struggle against the totalitarian supremacy of the new World...




Rank: 341, Points: 57

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 9

She is a little girl with the wonderful gift of finding fourleaf clovers in every meadow. But somehow this always leads to...


Real Dream

by maruna

Rank: 344, Points: 56

Updated: 30Mar Pages: 22

After hearing the story of Alice in Wonderland, Mitsuko comes home and finds himself strangely in a strange land...


Flowers Memories

Fantasy - SF by BimiCerika

Rank: 347, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 11

Since his childhood, Alec has always hated flowers. But when his mother decide to leave for holidays, he has to take care of...


Battle Saga

Humor by Alvinator

Rank: 348, Points: 55

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 12

BATTLE SAGA is the Book of Legends where all the secrets of this world are written down. The one who owns this book can lead...


Give me some love!

Humor by babee

Rank: 349, Points: 51

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 56

This is a romantic and crazy story about one girl whose name is Lovewith! She works in the magazine "What the men want!". She...


Cat's Girls - Tome...

Action by Aure-magik

Rank: 350, Points: 49

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 45

The adventures of the Cat's Girls...


Zelda "Link's Awakening"

Action by Jack Sugar

Rank: 351, Points: 48

Finished comics Pages: 71

A manga based on one of the most popular game of the famous saga "The Legend of Zelda" !
After a storm, Link runs aground on...


Bounty Hunter Gorak

Fantasy - SF by Gorak

Rank: 352, Points: 44

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 20

A space opera that follows the extraordinary adventures of Gorak, a bounty hunter exploring the galaxy in order to capture the...


Guerriers Psychiques

Action by aladin

Rank: 354, Points: 31

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 18

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by aladin!


The Agents Of Change

Fantasy - SF by Kimkael, luzbluz

Rank: 355, Points: 29

Updated: 17May Pages: 11

In a world which is prey to an elite which will do anything to enslave humans by using ingenious methods to remove any...



Action by youssef

Rank: 357, Points: 14

Finished comics Pages: 4

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by youssef!


Love Addict

by akairookies

Rank: 0, Points: -1

Updated: yest. Pages: 5

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by akairookies!


Comics and Manga available in other language


Action by hoshimaro

Rank: 27, Points: 122

Updated: 11May Pages: 37


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 38, Points: 79

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 16

Electro School Girl

Fantasy - SF by Russ Artiste

Rank: 49, Points: 161

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 92


Romance by Tomo

Rank: 55, Points: 82

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 21


Rank: 58, Points: 81

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 5

Vice Versa

Action by Oleg Tsoy

Rank: 62, Points: 77

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 12

Deployment of troops

Humor by Folco

Rank: 81, Points: 55

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 4


Action by smaïky

Rank: 127, Points: 131

Updated: 24Dec Pages: 229



Rank: 147, Points: 127

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 182

Sólo una historia

Romance by Erisley

Rank: 298, Points: 56

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 9


Rank: 300, Points: 55

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 11

Vampire + Dreamer...

Romance by al3s5a

Rank: 310, Points: 46

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 63

Joé et Zizon

Humor by Jérôme, Nycolas

Rank: 432, Points: 86

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 15

Le Fil Rouge

Thriller by Linoa

Rank: 463, Points: 83

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 65


Thriller by maruna

Rank: 517, Points: 78

Updated: 8Mar Pages: 121


Action by Namkaze

Rank: 561, Points: 74

Updated: 19Jul Pages: 29

Mouak ! (Ou un truc...

Humor by Groumpfouh

Rank: 635, Points: 69

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 20


Action by AminMaten

Rank: 638, Points: 69

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 20


Thriller by B@book

Rank: 648, Points: 69

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19

The blue golden

Action by kera972

Rank: 685, Points: 67

Updated: 18Nov Pages: 18

Les Ninjas sont cools

Humor by claudius335

Rank: 810, Points: 34

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 44

Unravel DNA

Fantasy - SF by kyoichii

Rank: 6, Points: 238

Updated: 15Aug Pages: 192

Le Poing de Saint Jude

Thriller by wekake

Rank: 7, Points: 228

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 243

Dragonball Kame


Rank: 8, Points: 222

Updated: yest. Pages: 266


by harriet

Rank: 9, Points: 189

Updated: 6Feb Pages: 25

Sigma Pi

Romance by yumimoony, Quadrinize

Rank: 10, Points: 168

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 33


Fantasy - SF by mad crow

Rank: 10, Points: 218

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 424

Tools Challenge

Action by PAAF

Rank: 13, Points: 157

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 12

Color of the Heart


Rank: 13, Points: 210

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 512

Sayu Samurai

Action by U-zineiros Taubate

Rank: 14, Points: 157

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 34

Celestial Beast


Rank: 15, Points: 207

Updated: yest. Pages: 285

Bobby come Back

by DizonX, Blaue

Rank: 16, Points: 205

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 168

New Ideas

by willyquiroga, trino

Rank: 20, Points: 176

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 1767

Pirates AHOY!

Humor by Mitu

Rank: 23, Points: 100

Updated: 2Nov Pages: 11


by Cosmicos, Fernando_Biz

Rank: 24, Points: 172

Updated: 11Mar Pages: 77

Out of Sight

Fantasy - SF by Clover Doe

Rank: 27, Points: 182

Updated: 4Jul Pages: 76

Bastardos del Destino

Rank: 27, Points: 167

Updated: 21Oct Pages: 25

17 ans


Rank: 28, Points: 182

Updated: yest. Pages: 70


Thriller by cddam

Rank: 29, Points: 178

Updated: 3Jul Pages: 321


Fantasy - SF by A.C.Puig, Jormest

Rank: 30, Points: 165

Finished comics Pages: 46

La route

Fantasy - SF by Otak, Blackheart

Rank: 30, Points: 177

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 74

Nail Saga

Fantasy - SF by Dave-X

Rank: 31, Points: 177

Updated: 4Oct Pages: 87

Revenge of Blond-Haired...

Humor by Zorga

Rank: 32, Points: 176

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 144


Humor by flutter

Rank: 33, Points: 176

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 191

Ecos en la Arena OS

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 36, Points: 154

Finished comics Pages: 27

Sagas Oniricas

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 37, Points: 153

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 34

Kulan Returns

Fantasy - SF by Alvenon

Rank: 38, Points: 152

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 180


Romance by cynthia

Rank: 43, Points: 108

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 55

Blood Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by ChristRoi

Rank: 44, Points: 163

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 105

Level Up!


Rank: 46, Points: 84

Updated: 14May Pages: 45

Mort aux vaches

Humor by larkhill

Rank: 48, Points: 161

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 186


Romance by manboou

Rank: 52, Points: 159

Finished comics Pages: 361


Romance by miku2828

Rank: 53, Points: 142

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 148

¡ Limón !

Humor by Mosqi

Rank: 54, Points: 159

Finished comics Pages: 442

Forgotten World


Rank: 57, Points: 88

Updated: 14Mar Pages: 62


Action by Bruno_salas

Rank: 58, Points: 97

Pages: 21

La Vie Devant Moi


Rank: 59, Points: 156

Finished comics Pages: 75

Mechanical heart

Fantasy - SF by JennyMiki

Rank: 61, Points: 154

Finished comics Pages: 339

Kyuubi no Kitsune

Fantasy - SF by Layou

Rank: 62, Points: 154

Finished comics Pages: 100


Thriller by 1LD3

Rank: 63, Points: 135

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by wickedalucard

Rank: 63, Points: 153

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 23


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 64, Points: 153

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 17

Pulpi Girl

by Noboru

Rank: 65, Points: 134

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 9

Love is Blind

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 66, Points: 75

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 12

My Destiny


Rank: 68, Points: 150

Updated: yest. Pages: 455


Romance by marycagnin

Rank: 68, Points: 90

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by Sarita

Rank: 72, Points: 149

Updated: 9Mar Pages: 14

Legends of Yggdrasil

Fantasy - SF by Alwine

Rank: 73, Points: 149

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 85


Romance by Elen'lu

Rank: 75, Points: 146

Updated: 9Jan Pages: 149

Like a Fairy Tale

Fantasy - SF by Aliz, Erein Aeternallis

Rank: 77, Points: 128

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 55


Rank: 78, Points: 58

Updated: 30Mar Pages: 17

La princesse Corbeau

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 78, Points: 145

Updated: 1Aug Pages: 86

Une Partie de Chasse

Thriller by Myst-A

Rank: 79, Points: 145

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 125

Mirada atras

Action by Kyoffie

Rank: 82, Points: 126

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 5


Romance by Darius

Rank: 84, Points: 125

Updated: 25May Pages: 328

Dino Hunterz

by lobolimao

Rank: 85, Points: 74

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 17

Love Pussy Sketch

Humor by M7X

Rank: 86, Points: 143

Updated: 8Apr Pages: 26

Je t'aime...Moi non...

Romance by Vanou Titiyou

Rank: 89, Points: 143

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 405

Can You Kill Me Again?

Action by Miennu

Rank: 91, Points: 141

Finished comics Pages: 183

Fier de toi

by Jane Eyre

Rank: 98, Points: 138

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 79

Quem São os Culpados

by Eliezer França

Rank: 100, Points: 57

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 5

XP Quest

Fantasy - SF by le nuage

Rank: 100, Points: 138

Finished comics Pages: 163

Scythe of Sins

Thriller by Karin

Rank: 101, Points: 138

Updated: 23Aug Pages: 55

Bellariva's Cosplay

Romance by L'antre de Maddyson

Rank: 104, Points: 136

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 145



Rank: 105, Points: 136

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 57

Saint Seiya : Drake...

Action by Mic, Grahald

Rank: 115, Points: 133

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 141

Le corbeau et le renard

Fantasy - SF by Moewxa

Rank: 117, Points: 133

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 135

El refugio olvidado

Romance by verdeagua

Rank: 119, Points: 109

Finished comics Pages: 12

Deo Ignito

by Dr_Folaweb

Rank: 120, Points: 132

Finished comics Pages: 203


Rank: 122, Points: 132

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 6


Thriller by Fidelitas-Rosae

Rank: 123, Points: 132

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 181


Fantasy - SF by Elairin

Rank: 124, Points: 132

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 53


Action by Popolls

Rank: 126, Points: 131

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 323


Fantasy - SF by Xion

Rank: 128, Points: 108

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 101

Légendes d'Yggdrasil

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 128, Points: 130

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 21


by Riley18

Rank: 129, Points: 130

Updated: 15Sep Pages: 93

Projet OMG

Fantasy - SF by tykayn, Reg Mirkaos

Rank: 130, Points: 130

Updated: 9Mar Pages: 43


Fantasy - SF by Aisling

Rank: 133, Points: 129

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 92


Fantasy - SF by Chibi Dam'z

Rank: 134, Points: 129

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 181

Si j'avais...

Fantasy - SF by Pauart

Rank: 136, Points: 129

Updated: yest. Pages: 200

El Noveno Círculo

Action by Blacksanz

Rank: 137, Points: 106

Updated: 12Aug Pages: 52

Shinágrand reinicio

Fantasy - SF by shinagrand

Rank: 141, Points: 103

Updated: 14Nov Pages: 40

Les légendes de Dunia

Fantasy - SF by Shindra

Rank: 148, Points: 127

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 61


Action by Jéro

Rank: 150, Points: 126

Finished comics Pages: 25

God's sheep

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 153, Points: 126

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 636

A Perfect World

by Awell

Rank: 159, Points: 124

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 60


Action by Superevey

Rank: 163, Points: 123

Updated: 23Aug Pages: 17

Les Secrets de l'Au-Delà

Romance by NoiV

Rank: 167, Points: 122

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 94

Spirits Age

Fantasy - SF by Psycho Maneki, Hinamuko

Rank: 169, Points: 121

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 152


by staark974

Rank: 170, Points: 121

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 18


Fantasy - SF by hasame

Rank: 172, Points: 121

Updated: 11Aug Pages: 194


Rank: 173, Points: 120

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 18

Whisper in the Dark

Thriller by AngelMJ

Rank: 174, Points: 120

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 30

Inner Edge

Fantasy - SF by Tacto

Rank: 175, Points: 120

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 50

Real change


Rank: 177, Points: 120

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 20


Romance by mykilow

Rank: 179, Points: 119

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 265

Paradis des otakus

Humor by Elizir

Rank: 180, Points: 119

Updated: 16Mar Pages: 225


Rank: 186, Points: 91

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 71


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 187, Points: 118

Updated: 24Oct Pages: 17


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 188, Points: 118

Finished comics Pages: 56


Rank: 192, Points: 118

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 6

After Death

Action by Harimi

Rank: 194, Points: 88

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 91

Assise à tes Côtés

by Shizuka

Rank: 195, Points: 117

Finished comics Pages: 12


Action by isumaeru, Baxvirtual

Rank: 196, Points: 88

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 21


Fantasy - SF by manapany

Rank: 196, Points: 116

Finished comics Pages: 40

Prince Wetterhahn

Fantasy - SF by ughen nicolas, Charline M

Rank: 197, Points: 116

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 11

Les contes de Gari -...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 200, Points: 116

Updated: 24Aug Pages: 30

Only Two-TOME 2-Bas les...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 201, Points: 116

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 47

Brain Breaker

Fantasy - SF by kilios

Rank: 203, Points: 85

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 34


by Kine Guiot

Rank: 203, Points: 115

Updated: 14Dec Pages: 52

Le fantôme de Nanako

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 204, Points: 115

Finished comics Pages: 21


Action by GakuIzi

Rank: 206, Points: 115

Updated: 24Mar Pages: 6

La Espada del Anormal

Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 209, Points: 83

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 29

New Order

Fantasy - SF by Iyoku

Rank: 211, Points: 114

Finished comics Pages: 28

Thief Aladino

Fantasy - SF by Edwing

Rank: 213, Points: 82

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 21


by Gotho

Rank: 214, Points: 113

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 50


Humor by SekushiBoy

Rank: 220, Points: 112

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 24

Ruth Blydon

by AngelCelestial

Rank: 221, Points: 81

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 18

Wolf of hope

Fantasy - SF by Estelou-sama

Rank: 223, Points: 112

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 3

L'Âge Insouciant


Rank: 224, Points: 111

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 10

Drielack Legend

Fantasy - SF by Siby Ogawa, eweklike

Rank: 227, Points: 111

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 21


Fantasy - SF by cyci16, Picabou

Rank: 228, Points: 111

Finished comics Pages: 22


Thriller by BLACK RAVEN

Rank: 229, Points: 79

Updated: 2Jun Pages: 52


Fantasy - SF by Guiom

Rank: 232, Points: 110

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 357

S.Bites B Side

Thriller by luro

Rank: 235, Points: 76

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 13

Le Retour des Saiyans


Rank: 235, Points: 110

Updated: 29Dec Pages: 178

Eikyû no kokoro

Romance by LasBloom

Rank: 240, Points: 73

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 19

My personal Star !


Rank: 242, Points: 109

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 59



Rank: 245, Points: 72

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 8

Lost in the World

Fantasy - SF by Jellexia.H

Rank: 245, Points: 109

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 31


by Haeri3rd

Rank: 248, Points: 108

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 56

I wish

by Perse84

Rank: 253, Points: 108

Updated: 12Feb Pages: 17

3 Ways to Epica

Fantasy - SF by Soturisi

Rank: 258, Points: 69

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 10


by Mélancolie

Rank: 259, Points: 106

Updated: 8Apr Pages: 44


Action by Kyan

Rank: 259, Points: 69

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 24

Divine Angel

by Divin Anel, Sergel

Rank: 260, Points: 106

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 74

La Reina de la Luz

by Romyfaine

Rank: 262, Points: 68

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 16


Action by Chr!ssia

Rank: 266, Points: 105

Updated: 26May Pages: 2

Les Sentinelles で チュ ★

Humor by Velkia

Rank: 267, Points: 105

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 9

L'Oeil du Traldar

by Sanctionneur

Rank: 268, Points: 105

Updated: 5Apr Pages: 32

El chulo

by Van Reigh

Rank: 269, Points: 67

Updated: 1Nov Pages: 5

Sealed School

Action by L_C_HAMILTON

Rank: 271, Points: 67

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 6

Dhérita (la véritable...

Fantasy - SF by young sailor

Rank: 274, Points: 104

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 35

Enemy inside


Rank: 276, Points: 104

Updated: 4Jul Pages: 42

Hadas y Brujas

by ana semola

Rank: 280, Points: 66

Updated: 14Oct Pages: 2

Toto et Lolo

Humor by Thony Berval

Rank: 282, Points: 104

Finished comics Pages: 66

Reality Love

Romance by tampopoeiki

Rank: 288, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 139

Bubblegôm Gôm


Rank: 290, Points: 102

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 42

Demon's World

Fantasy - SF by Valne

Rank: 291, Points: 102

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

Elle était là

Rank: 292, Points: 102

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 63

Sweet Momory


Rank: 296, Points: 56

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 10

LA Tour Secrète

Fantasy - SF by RyuSam

Rank: 298, Points: 101

Updated: 29Sep Pages: 560

Cut Off

Romance by didizuka

Rank: 300, Points: 101

Finished comics Pages: 262


Fantasy - SF by Hellers

Rank: 301, Points: 101

Finished comics Pages: 175

CREATURE of the...


Rank: 302, Points: 55

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 7

MST - Magic & Swagtastic...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 304, Points: 100

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 42

Journal intime d'un...

Fantasy - SF by chu helene

Rank: 306, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 157



Rank: 307, Points: 53

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 24

Silence Cage

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 308, Points: 100

Updated: 11Oct Pages: 13

J'aime un Perso de Manga

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 316, Points: 99

Updated: 20May Pages: 190


Fantasy - SF by LMA

Rank: 317, Points: 99

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 187

A Slice Of Ice

by RubykonCubes

Rank: 320, Points: 99

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 74


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 321, Points: 99

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 455


Children's books by Poncho

Rank: 325, Points: 98

Finished comics Pages: 9

Good Luck Takeshi

Humor by Kowasu-san, Mayuno

Rank: 327, Points: 98

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 9

Les aventures débiles de...


Rank: 328, Points: 98

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 157


by Tsukinoslayer

Rank: 330, Points: 98

Updated: yest. Pages: 28


Humor by Cyb le dessineux

Rank: 333, Points: 98

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 37

Gohan Story


Rank: 335, Points: 98

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 190

watashi no kage

by kazamatsu

Rank: 342, Points: 97

Updated: yest. Pages: 125

les fées

Humor by Fugushiman

Rank: 344, Points: 97

Finished comics Pages: 5


Thriller by Hiromi-Hana

Rank: 346, Points: 97

Updated: 30Dec Pages: 87

Golden Skull

Action by Mr Bambou

Rank: 351, Points: 97

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 416


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 352, Points: 96

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 204


Rank: 354, Points: 96

Updated: 26Dec Pages: 55

prisonier de canyon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 356, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 27



Rank: 361, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 45

Toad et Reggie

Humor by kazuo-dayo

Rank: 362, Points: 95

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 18


Fantasy - SF by firemaw

Rank: 364, Points: 95

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 282

Les petits gris

Fantasy - SF by Ruof

Rank: 366, Points: 95

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 16

Ce que nous sommes

by Erazade

Rank: 370, Points: 95

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 17


Romance by Wakusei

Rank: 371, Points: 95

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 24

Exorcize Me

Fantasy - SF by Freakazoid, Lizzie

Rank: 373, Points: 94

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 53

Zealot :Le Procès...

Fantasy - SF by Abysson

Rank: 374, Points: 94

Finished comics Pages: 23


Fantasy - SF by cOrbac

Rank: 379, Points: 93

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 3

Secret music

Romance by Jay.

Rank: 382, Points: 93

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 44


Action by Meitatron

Rank: 383, Points: 93

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 12

L'épée de Damoclès

Fantasy - SF by Miss-M

Rank: 387, Points: 93

Updated: 17Jul Pages: 53


Rank: 388, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 11

Phoenix Artefact

Fantasy - SF by Coqualier

Rank: 389, Points: 92

Updated: 7May Pages: 10

Geeks online


Rank: 390, Points: 92

Updated: 3Oct Pages: 186


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 391, Points: 92

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 150


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 394, Points: 92

Updated: 21Mar Pages: 177

Daturaa Volume I

Action by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 395, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 134

Honoo no Musume

by Kuralya

Rank: 397, Points: 91

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 89

Là où se trouvent les...

Rank: 399, Points: 90

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 2

Chroniques d'un nouveau...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 401, Points: 90

Updated: 20Sep Pages: 154

Valkia's Memory

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 403, Points: 90

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 97

Jack & The Beanstalk

Humor by higan

Rank: 406, Points: 89

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 61

L'amour derrière le...

by Ewylia

Rank: 407, Points: 89

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 67


Fantasy - SF by Saza

Rank: 410, Points: 89

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 129

Exp00-The Perfect...


Rank: 411, Points: 89

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 27

Earth Life

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 412, Points: 88

Updated: 8Apr Pages: 68

Mischievous Love


Rank: 413, Points: 88

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 19


Humor by lostfruty

Rank: 415, Points: 88

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 68


Humor by Rockwood

Rank: 419, Points: 87

Updated: 9Jun Pages: 68


Romance by Momonem

Rank: 420, Points: 87

Updated: 20Mar Pages: 6

Only the Red Color

by Silent-Ash

Rank: 423, Points: 87

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 19

A step in hell

by Japandragon

Rank: 428, Points: 86

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 17


Action by gyomura

Rank: 441, Points: 85

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 62


by Serom__

Rank: 444, Points: 84

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 45

destiny of cally


Rank: 447, Points: 84

Updated: 23Aug Pages: 14


by Brüth

Rank: 449, Points: 83

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 14


Fantasy - SF by Mokona

Rank: 450, Points: 83

Updated: 15May Pages: 24

Le Fils de la Manticore

Fantasy - SF by Kazuoh

Rank: 451, Points: 83

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 14

Yôkai Destiny Sword

Fantasy - SF by Toshiro Muo

Rank: 453, Points: 83

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 131

Dragon's Crystal!!

Fantasy - SF by wanda357

Rank: 454, Points: 83

Finished comics Pages: 29

Le 77ème Royaume

Fantasy - SF by RENart de rien

Rank: 460, Points: 83

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 92

Dawn of the Sorain

Fantasy - SF by Julien Mestre

Rank: 461, Points: 83

Updated: 15May Pages: 98

Dragon and Weed: Origins

Fantasy - SF by AtA

Rank: 462, Points: 83

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 1689


Thriller by Nowaki , madison

Rank: 468, Points: 81

Finished comics Pages: 21


Romance by lolo78014

Rank: 471, Points: 81

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 43

No comment

by Zmaz

Rank: 475, Points: 81

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 35

Daddy's Love and Pride

by Miyukini

Rank: 478, Points: 81

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 42



Rank: 482, Points: 81

Updated: 9Apr Pages: 84

A vos souhaits

Rank: 483, Points: 81

Finished comics Pages: 19


Thriller by Hichimoku-ren

Rank: 485, Points: 81

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 31


Fantasy - SF by Arsenia Guichard

Rank: 487, Points: 80

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 33

Nuzlocke Challenge :...

Action by Rannime-V

Rank: 488, Points: 80

Updated: 8May Pages: 57

Criminal Card

Action by Vergil

Rank: 489, Points: 80

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 84

Blast On !!

Action by Kev85

Rank: 494, Points: 80

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 15

L'amour n'a pas d'âge !

Romance by Asura Hikari

Rank: 496, Points: 80

Finished comics Pages: 68

God's Children

Thriller by Vavanemo

Rank: 500, Points: 80

Updated: 20Oct Pages: 12

The Coquelicots Diaries


Rank: 502, Points: 79

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 39


by macro.o

Rank: 507, Points: 79

Updated: 19Mar Pages: 100

The Khrystal's Saviours

Fantasy - SF by miyatsuki

Rank: 508, Points: 79

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 66

Ignition !

by dymew

Rank: 509, Points: 79

Updated: yest. Pages: 38


by uchilal93

Rank: 510, Points: 79

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 131

Another World Nolya

Fantasy - SF by MaryRed

Rank: 512, Points: 78

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 56


Fantasy - SF by firemax34

Rank: 513, Points: 78

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 100



Rank: 518, Points: 78

Updated: 6Sep Pages: 18

SW-Les Aventures de...

Humor by Valtorgun

Rank: 519, Points: 78

Updated: 10Mar Pages: 6

Onze nuits


Rank: 520, Points: 78

Finished comics Pages: 37

Angels' Judgment

Thriller by Nooey

Rank: 521, Points: 78

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 48


Thriller by edbe

Rank: 522, Points: 78

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 87

Yon Koma

Humor by zueien

Rank: 523, Points: 77

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 45


Romance by Mzanie

Rank: 524, Points: 77

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 128

Gai Bian

by Yumi-chan

Rank: 526, Points: 77

Updated: 2May Pages: 21

Sun Crystals

Humor by Mangakun

Rank: 527, Points: 76

Updated: 7Dec Pages: 82


Action by Nathop

Rank: 529, Points: 76

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 21


Action by LBC

Rank: 531, Points: 76

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 86


Fantasy - SF by Chikara

Rank: 533, Points: 76

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 79

Punchline girl

Rank: 535, Points: 76

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 78

La Danse d'Alinoë

by Aramis

Rank: 538, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 60

Sandstorm Tower

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 539, Points: 75

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 7

Last Sekai X Rebellion

Fantasy - SF by LightWing-Kun

Rank: 541, Points: 75

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 33


Action by tsubame0613

Rank: 544, Points: 75

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 10

Livre d'Antan

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 548, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 53


Children's books by lostmemorycs

Rank: 549, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 22



Rank: 550, Points: 75

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 42

Les âmes hurlantes

by Renkei Fuwarito

Rank: 553, Points: 74

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 41

Le crépuscule des dieux

Fantasy - SF by Lex Dei

Rank: 554, Points: 74

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 40

Neko Virus

Fantasy - SF by Poussineko

Rank: 555, Points: 74

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 32

New Erezy

Action by Nykko

Rank: 556, Points: 74

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 38


by Rosy=)

Rank: 559, Points: 74

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 57

Blaze Master

Thriller by Redmagic

Rank: 560, Points: 74

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 50



Rank: 562, Points: 74

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 57

Axel's World

Fantasy - SF by imple

Rank: 563, Points: 74

Finished comics Pages: 33


by jinneara

Rank: 568, Points: 74

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 71

The destiny of master

Action by Shuruka

Rank: 570, Points: 73

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 61



Rank: 573, Points: 73

Finished comics Pages: 20


Action by zam

Rank: 575, Points: 73

Finished comics Pages: 62

Scott Holmes

Action by JaguarKamo

Rank: 576, Points: 73

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 36

Les petites chroniques...

by Otakours

Rank: 577, Points: 73

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 72

Nolife - 100% Jus de...


Rank: 578, Points: 73

Updated: 28Apr Pages: 22

Divine Hearts

by Leonis

Rank: 579, Points: 73

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 19

Afet World's End

by CaycoBronze

Rank: 581, Points: 72

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 34


Rank: 582, Points: 72

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 30

As red as your name

by Vladilissa FairyWinds

Rank: 583, Points: 72

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 8

La Marque manga

by stelli

Rank: 584, Points: 72

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 29

Kuro ~ The last Rebel

by Eterna

Rank: 587, Points: 72

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 39

Je Sais

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 589, Points: 72

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 21

L'enfant des Limbes

Fantasy - SF by artificial

Rank: 590, Points: 72

Updated: 8Jan Pages: 7

Eviland : le continent...

by Nyuki

Rank: 594, Points: 72

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 20

Toi+Jeune !

Romance by Moygoth

Rank: 597, Points: 71

Updated: 29Apr Pages: 24

La meute solitaire

Thriller by kei sakurada

Rank: 598, Points: 71

Updated: 20Dec Pages: 28

La fille panthère

Rank: 600, Points: 71

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 18

VII+I Guardians

Rank: 601, Points: 71

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 47


Fantasy - SF by Miror-Z

Rank: 603, Points: 71

Updated: 21Aug Pages: 31

Black Butterfly

Action by Jayto

Rank: 604, Points: 71

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 48

Moon Drop

Fantasy - SF by Teirebe

Rank: 605, Points: 71

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 29


Fantasy - SF by Geoseize

Rank: 606, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 49

Selon le Ciel

Romance by Black-plume

Rank: 607, Points: 70

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 39


Rank: 608, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 62

Le sang du pêcheur

Thriller by Sheeny

Rank: 611, Points: 70

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 9

Stratagamme l'histoire...

Rank: 612, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 49

The Priestess

by Seiirei

Rank: 614, Points: 70

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 11

Bastien Sans Souci


Rank: 615, Points: 70

Updated: 18Aug Pages: 52


Humor by DrVegapunk

Rank: 616, Points: 70

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 24


by Maaipen

Rank: 617, Points: 70

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 30



Rank: 621, Points: 70

Updated: 5Nov Pages: 6


Fantasy - SF by yukimiaou

Rank: 622, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 10

zone bandit

Rank: 627, Points: 69

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 56

!Never Give Up

Romance by Timya

Rank: 628, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 11

not 8

Fantasy - SF by katydid

Rank: 629, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 40


by suricit

Rank: 632, Points: 69

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 30

La fierté de Vegeta


Rank: 633, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 15


Thriller by la rolex

Rank: 634, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 31

Broken Soul Pursue

Action by Shin-shio

Rank: 636, Points: 69

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 19


Thriller by Loic Sombo

Rank: 637, Points: 69

Updated: 19Mar Pages: 25


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 639, Points: 69

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 9

Larose:L'histoire d'un...

by leemon

Rank: 640, Points: 69

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 34


by MKC

Rank: 641, Points: 69

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 40

Le Gardien à Pois

Rank: 644, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 6


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 645, Points: 69

Updated: 25Nov Pages: 23

La Petite Fille Aux...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 647, Points: 69

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 5

Union Hors-séries

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 649, Points: 69

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 12

Dragon Cat's Galaxia 1/2

by Suisei

Rank: 650, Points: 69

Updated: 18Dec Pages: 21

Jusqu'à mon dernier...

Fantasy - SF by Oz

Rank: 651, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 20

Sky Hunter - Prédiction...

Action by Ryujin-Sama

Rank: 653, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 6

L'infini et autres...

Fantasy - SF by Prisma

Rank: 654, Points: 68

Updated: 30Jul Pages: 20

Zealot : Terre Battue

Rank: 656, Points: 68

Updated: 8Nov Pages: 22

Hidden Sky

Romance by Happy-Neko

Rank: 664, Points: 68

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 9

crystal fury

Fantasy - SF by nikos

Rank: 665, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 19


Rank: 666, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 8

pilot hook


Rank: 667, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 28


by mdsart

Rank: 670, Points: 68

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 22

Goliath de Gath

by Domi6719

Rank: 674, Points: 68

Updated: 4Oct Pages: 22

SunBurn!! Line of Fire

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 675, Points: 68

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 23

La vengeance sans nom

by Wilfried Bento

Rank: 676, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 20

La hiérarchie des yeux

Fantasy - SF by Dawa-Sama

Rank: 682, Points: 68

Updated: 8Aug Pages: 10

Zombie Zones

Rank: 683, Points: 68

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 2

Pokémon : La quête du...

by Moonlink

Rank: 686, Points: 67

Updated: 13Jun Pages: 13

SunBurn!! Turn the page

Rank: 687, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 12

Le ch climat exp aux...

by nylnook

Rank: 688, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 8

New war

Fantasy - SF by Hetri

Rank: 692, Points: 67

Updated: 1May Pages: 10

La Fantaisy

by Bassworld

Rank: 693, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 21

Esprit Vengeur

Action by Florian R. Guillon, madedd

Rank: 695, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 25

Le cas topus

by MlleOcatopus

Rank: 696, Points: 67

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 5


by Alphagon96

Rank: 697, Points: 67

Updated: 18Nov Pages: 27

Zealot : L'héritage...

Rank: 699, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by BDShiN

Rank: 702, Points: 67

Updated: 27Jun Pages: 9

Secret Wizard

Fantasy - SF by Aredian

Rank: 703, Points: 67

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 14

Mon Chant Éternel

by Dana Badji

Rank: 704, Points: 67

Updated: 7Aug Pages: 9


by starrynight

Rank: 707, Points: 67

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 28

The Gaiden

by koutaishi

Rank: 709, Points: 67

Updated: 29Jun Pages: 19

42 je retrouve mon père

Humor by Biscuit

Rank: 712, Points: 67

Updated: 27Apr Pages: 16

gallery quest

Rank: 715, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 19

Warcraft-Au cœur de la...

Rank: 718, Points: 67

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 18


by polarfox

Rank: 719, Points: 67

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 32

Noobi Style

Humor by -Seed-

Rank: 720, Points: 67

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 4

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 3

by Trémor

Rank: 724, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 17



Rank: 725, Points: 66

Updated: 24Mar Pages: 24

Soul Shinigami !

Fantasy - SF by Matsuro95

Rank: 726, Points: 66

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 3


Rank: 728, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 24


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 729, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 8


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 731, Points: 66

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 12


by cocoskywalker

Rank: 733, Points: 66

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 10


Rank: 735, Points: 66

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 5


by aladin

Rank: 737, Points: 66

Updated: 20May Pages: 11


by xseed

Rank: 740, Points: 66

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 1


by Storen

Rank: 741, Points: 66

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 16


Rank: 742, Points: 66

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 1

Avant la pluie

Rank: 743, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 28

Si j'avais su

Action by Jinshir0

Rank: 745, Points: 65

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 170

La légende de Grimbelyn

Fantasy - SF by NatsuKan

Rank: 748, Points: 64

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 81

John L'Alien


Rank: 753, Points: 62

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 44

Ombre et Lumière


Rank: 761, Points: 58

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 49

Draw Life

Humor by Larryon, burricher

Rank: 763, Points: 58

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 47

man of factorisation...


Rank: 764, Points: 57

Finished comics Pages: 33


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 765, Points: 57

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 23


Thriller by Blood Wolf, stef84

Rank: 766, Points: 57

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 10

WAW (World At War)

Action by darkpiwo

Rank: 767, Points: 57

Updated: 20Jun Pages: 31

Reve du Football...

Action by Ismael Stefanas

Rank: 775, Points: 55

Updated: 8May Pages: 23

Dinosaur Punch

Fantasy - SF by Spikterz

Rank: 776, Points: 55

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 26

Beyond your song


Rank: 777, Points: 55

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 4

Evil Destiny

Action by Katsei-Kun30

Rank: 778, Points: 55

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 21

Rêves d'enfants

Children's books by Tiébo

Rank: 779, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 25

Under the Sea

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 780, Points: 54

Finished comics Pages: 7


Action by liamdonne

Rank: 781, Points: 54

Updated: 2Sep Pages: 12

Mad Wolf

Thriller by freewolf

Rank: 782, Points: 54

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 25

Daniel Elvis

Fantasy - SF by malcomaru

Rank: 783, Points: 54

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 8


Fantasy - SF by daruko

Rank: 784, Points: 54

Updated: 14Jun Pages: 89


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 788, Points: 53

Updated: 22Nov Pages: 1

Lee Roy

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 789, Points: 53

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 5

Ces choses qui ont un...

Romance by mangakahanna

Rank: 792, Points: 51

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 56

LFDM : La fin de notre...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 793, Points: 47

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 50

Jace, Ghost Hunter

Fantasy - SF by Morgila

Rank: 795, Points: 46

Updated: 11Aug Pages: 42


Fantasy - SF by KotoriShura

Rank: 796, Points: 46

Updated: 2Dec Pages: 47

Pyro: Le vent de la...


Rank: 797, Points: 44

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 72

Soul Revolution

Fantasy - SF by dangerdays9

Rank: 800, Points: 43

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 24


Fantasy - SF by Mb-Mangaka

Rank: 801, Points: 42

Finished comics Pages: 32

War of Forumeurs

Fantasy - SF by Roshe

Rank: 803, Points: 42

Updated: 5Dec Pages: 38

Alert Spoiler la bd

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 804, Points: 41

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 12


Thriller by Michaël

Rank: 805, Points: 41

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 2

Karasu no Hane

Thriller by Elsa Kisiel

Rank: 807, Points: 39

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 76

White Crow Ino


Rank: 811, Points: 34

Updated: 9Mar Pages: 66

Black & White - CRYPTE


Rank: 812, Points: 31

Updated: 5Apr Pages: 7

Les gnomes

Humor by calyste

Rank: 813, Points: 30

Finished comics Pages: 46

Bad Hearts !

Romance by lalina mangas

Rank: 814, Points: 30

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 18

Stella Love

Humor by Masterstyle

Rank: 816, Points: 29

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 13

L'ange et le démon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 819, Points: 27

Finished comics Pages: 1

Who's She


Rank: 821, Points: 19

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 8


Humor by Tcim

Rank: 822, Points: 19

Updated: 25Mar Pages: 4


Humor by Zedes Greg

Rank: 824, Points: 16

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

Buch Démon's

Action by A2lan

Rank: 825, Points: 15

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 11

What the F

Humor by EwilanWollf

Rank: 828, Points: 2

Updated: 1Aug Pages: 2


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