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Fantasy - SF

Heroic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Science fiction, Cyberpunk or Steampunk : all our comics and manga about imaginary world are here

Comics and mangas with original language: English

The Heart of Earth

Fantasy - SF by YonYonYon

Rank: 6, Points: 230

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 141

World is on the edge of war. Two factions will fight, until one of them perish from the earth.Only one hero can stop the...


The Steam Dragon Express

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 11, Points: 219

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 69

What would you do, if you got the chance to live in an exciting magical fantasy world? Would you go back to your safe and...



Fantasy - SF by Reon Merryweather

Rank: 12, Points: 215

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 52

Katherine DeLarge one day recieves a free sample of experimental energy drinks, from a mysterious mailman. She soon discovers...


Crimson Game

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 14, Points: 209

Finished comics Pages: 47

It is said, that one can achieve success but by being at the right place, at the right time. Is this really true?



A Redtail's Dream

Fantasy - SF by minnasundberg

Rank: 16, Points: 201

Updated: 4Sep Pages: 186

The tale of a young man and his dog on a journey in an artificially created dream existence. As the only ones aware of their...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 19, Points: 191

Updated: 22Jun Pages: 370

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are...


In Logos Creo

Fantasy - SF by Elias Dessineux, Disgression

Rank: 20, Points: 187

Finished comics Pages: 16

Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin. One builds, the other reduces to naught.
Our World isn't made out of only one...


Magical Police Girl

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 21, Points: 183

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 24

Francesca Kensington is a student at the New York Police Academy, but one day she is suddenly dragged out of her classroom by...


The Wastelands

Fantasy - SF by Petitecreme

Rank: 24, Points: 175

Updated: 11Jun Pages: 212

A world abandoned by Gods and the people who try to find out why.



Fantasy - SF by fakehero

Rank: 25, Points: 170

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 21

After two years of fruitless job-searching, Karasu's savings were running dry. With barely enough money to last him the month,...


U.N.A. Frontiers

Fantasy - SF by Coydog

Rank: 35, Points: 151

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 490

In this story, civilization was considerably devastated but not quite plunged into a new dark age. However, society is stuck...


Blaze of Silver

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 40, Points: 150

Updated: yest. Pages: 201

Yi Hufu is a young teenage girl who accidentally releases a long forgotten and evil deity into her world.
The Silver God Huan...


Gothika: Equilibrium

Fantasy - SF by Mart

Rank: 56, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 207

Part one of a fantasy saga about the eternal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.


The Return of Caine...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 62, Points: 135

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 175

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by !


Hunter´s Moon

Fantasy - SF by Darius

Rank: 63, Points: 134

Updated: 11Mar Pages: 109

The shadows of the world hold beings that defy human reason. For millennia they have stayed away, living on the edge of our...


Hot Dog

Fantasy - SF by yk84

Rank: 78, Points: 123

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 40

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story...




Rank: 87, Points: 121

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 92

A normal working day turns into an endless nightmare for Gabriele and Arnaldo, hunted down by a zombie horde and a mysterious...


Dragon Scream

Fantasy - SF by Toh

Rank: 89, Points: 120

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 44

Time is an immense force. It is unspeakably powerful. A fundamental part of our existence that cannot be stopped...
The three...


Equestrian Wind Mage

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 113, Points: 112

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 58

Vaati the Wind Mage, seeking a change in lifestyle, accidentally teleports himself to Equestria. How will the presence of this...



Fantasy - SF by Dasha KO

Rank: 115, Points: 112

Updated: 19May Pages: 23

The time - the future. All events revolve around the giant armorclad military train Regulus. The people aboard are the only...


5th Stone

Fantasy - SF by MCREATOR

Rank: 116, Points: 111

Updated: 4May Pages: 10

Castle RAVEN stood challenging at the highest peak of the lands. Some called it "The Center Of It All". This peaceful night is...



Fantasy - SF by Jay Crest

Rank: 117, Points: 111

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 10

When lead vocalist and secret vampire Scarlet Rae Drakona fought with the band's...


The Thief's Key

Fantasy - SF by Eviana

Rank: 143, Points: 105

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 51

The advetures of a thief, smuggler and assassin taking place in the enchanting world of Elengir! Updates on Saturdays
by Iana...


Bata Neart

Fantasy - SF by rawrtacular

Rank: 146, Points: 104

Updated: 1Nov Pages: 163

Ashling was a normal Irish teenager, until the day an ancient Celtic weapon found her. She now fights to hold onto her normal...



Fantasy - SF by ImagineTheEnding

Rank: 148, Points: 104

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 126

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate...


The Hobbit

Fantasy - SF by Ensis

Rank: 163, Points: 101

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 130

This is not a comic.
It's a profusely illustrated novel... may be a Graphic Novel.
The Hobbit, from J.R.R. Tolkien drawn with...



Fantasy - SF by Sideburn004

Rank: 174, Points: 98

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 10

A most common alternate reality, a most common teenager, and a most common attempt on his life ...


Grimm Legacy

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 175, Points: 98

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 10

This story takes place in the Fairy Tale world. Our Protagonist is the younger Grimm Brother. After watching his older brother...


Abducting The Aliens

Fantasy - SF by Riff 13

Rank: 176, Points: 98

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 53

What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. But when an alien, the sole survivor...



Fantasy - SF by Loicklegacy

Rank: 177, Points: 98

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 132

A webcomic about a lost hero and a strange tigress. Follow the tracks of our hero lost in a new world, adventure,...



Fantasy - SF by Sid1ous

Rank: 185, Points: 96

Updated: 12Feb Pages: 39

A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called...



Fantasy - SF by Genesis Collective

Rank: 191, Points: 94

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 7

Genesis is a thoughtful scifi story of an engineer waiting for the end of a long, long shift...

Official home of...


Invincible (We Don't...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 195, Points: 93

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 58

Outlaw and wanted criminal Vincent Silvera awakens to find himself in Limbo. His life has just been cut short, but by whom? He...


Border Knights

Fantasy - SF by River West

Rank: 206, Points: 91

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 10

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by River West!


A Gobo's Life

Fantasy - SF by nicheck

Rank: 226, Points: 86

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 34

Fantasy adventure comic about two goblins.
updates whenever about once a week.

artwork will get better with every page, i...


Underneath The Dead City

Fantasy - SF by Genie, Pink_Marionette

Rank: 232, Points: 85

Updated: 4May Pages: 44

Below the world of 9-5's and rising taxes is a place for misfits and outcasts. By day, they follow the rules and conform to...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 246, Points: 81

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 32

Short story. A piece of scrap made for a life of submission is lead on a journey which makes him question his recycled...


Kempen Adventures

Fantasy - SF by Ouroboros

Rank: 253, Points: 80

Updated: 10Jun Pages: 17

Kempen Adventures protrays a story that plays out in an African like world in the Blaze of Silver world's past, through the...


Tales of the Winterborn

Fantasy - SF by Tad

Rank: 256, Points: 78

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 361

In a world where manipulation has become common currency, is anyone truly in control of their own fate? Welcome to the...


Blade of the Freak

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 262, Points: 77

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 29

Login is a slacker who owns the legendary Sword of Lode, a sword that cannot cut through anything. In order to not pierce his...



Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 267, Points: 75

Updated: 10Aug Pages: 40

Fang Spearer from planet Puulp, a legendary space warrior, meets Lyrics, a girl who is being chased by the powerful Breather


Ancient SHINee

Fantasy - SF by Mitu

Rank: 284, Points: 72

Updated: 16May Pages: 5

In Ancient Egypt , there 2 kingdoms, the Pharaoh of the South & the Pharaoh of the North, then a giant mystery make the...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 291, Points: 71

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 26

Characters/ Players awaken in an unknown video game world. Their last memory is of different things, some could be driving a...


Samodiva's Kiss

Fantasy - SF by eandspresent

Rank: 317, Points: 68

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“Samodiva’s Kiss” – A beautiful tale, inspired by the rich Bulgarian folklore. A story of love and magic...


The Earth and The Snake

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 322, Points: 67

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“The Earth and The Snake” – A Bulgarian legend about the creation of the world.


Dhalmun: Mythology

Fantasy - SF by Biram Ba

Rank: 323, Points: 67

Updated: 26Jun Pages: 4

The most popular belief system in the world of Dhalmun.



Fantasy - SF by johandark

Rank: 329, Points: 62

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 32

the old version of Dark Heroes. When I was 13.


Comics and manga translated into: English

ARKHAM roots

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 5, Points: 231

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 281

A guy who seems to have some special power helps to resolve cases for a secret organization.

mysteries, ghosts, undead,...



Fantasy - SF by Eskhar

Rank: 37, Points: 151

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 64

The metropolis' suburbs. Maiden, 16 years old, is going through the contaminated area, in districts affected by the Scourge, a...


Ghost Rules

Fantasy - SF by Jormest

Rank: 46, Points: 144

Finished comics Pages: 21

Lara accidentally discovers that her boyfriend is cheating her... At the same time she realizes that now is a ghost!


One-shot - AF

Fantasy - SF by A.C.Puig, Zaigard

Rank: 68, Points: 128

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 22

Méliarn, a young security guard, is forced to face a colossal sea monster ... but who is he? And why he captures all the...


Chronoctis Express

Fantasy - SF by Aerinn

Rank: 72, Points: 125

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 41

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Aerinn!



Fantasy - SF by feilang

Rank: 81, Points: 123

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 59

AMU Corporation Virtual Reality Game Development Studio: founded in 2042 AD and employing a staff of 1500 people. The company...



Fantasy - SF by MonicaNG

Rank: 82, Points: 123

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 106

When Syrma, the exiled princess of the liosalfar, discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she...



Fantasy - SF by Guildadventure

Rank: 84, Points: 122

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 69

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Guildadventure!



Fantasy - SF by masuki

Rank: 92, Points: 118

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 15

From the files of Detective Tsukiboshi from CosmoPolice. The fish-headed aliens, blast cannons and light sabers may be science...


The Fallen Sentries

Fantasy - SF by Velkia

Rank: 111, Points: 113

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 51

Axel is a farmer that wants to leave his farm to explore the world. One day, when suddenly his grandmother is being attacked...


Mery X Max

Fantasy - SF by shiwi

Rank: 119, Points: 111

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 12

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by shiwi!


Dawn Aria

Fantasy - SF by simamura

Rank: 121, Points: 110

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 40

A dawning world will be destroyed and then reborn a new by her heavenly song...



Fantasy - SF by nynadp

Rank: 122, Points: 110

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 15

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by nynadp!


The Fairy Tale Wizard

Fantasy - SF by tatsukawa

Rank: 126, Points: 109

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 21

The story of a young wizard, set against the background of a long-standing rivalry between two great empires, dominating a...


Les portes d'Ys

Fantasy - SF by Alwine

Rank: 136, Points: 107

Updated: 17h00 Pages: 10

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Alwine!


Dark Heroes_2010

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 139, Points: 107

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 40

In an unknown land, in a forgotten forest of the globe, in the midst of the middle age, a bloody child cursed for his hair...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 140, Points: 107

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 55

Juvenilia work of science fiction from the author of the Angoulême-nominated BD "Hacker" - Alexandre Eremine



Fantasy - SF by Ryujin-Sama

Rank: 147, Points: 104

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 22

In a world where legends' creatures prospered, vampires had succeed in dominating Lycans and humans for 500 years. The last...



Fantasy - SF by Pehesse

Rank: 154, Points: 102

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 129

In 1944, Germany is brutally torn apart under the nuclear attack of the USA, determined to recover the Cyon sources that lie...


Duo des étoiles

Fantasy - SF by shéra

Rank: 157, Points: 102

Updated: 14Oct Pages: 18

Shera is an ordinary girl until the day she meets Soune, a strange creature coming from another world...



Fantasy - SF by eremine

Rank: 159, Points: 101

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 4

4-page short story set as a sort of introduction to a much larger, earleir work by Angoulême-nominee Alexandre...


Bishop's Normal...

Fantasy - SF by Biishop

Rank: 170, Points: 99

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 18

Bishop is a young naive boy who lives from day to day adventures that seems perfectly normal, but a mysterious monster haunts...


3 Pouces et demi

Fantasy - SF by Sieg, Kinkgirl

Rank: 181, Points: 97

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sieg and imagined by Kinkgirl!



Fantasy - SF by Sorore

Rank: 182, Points: 96

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 11

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sorore!


The Oracle of the Moon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 184, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 15

Every year, warriors from distant countries risk their lives on a long journey to get an elixir that prolongs the life of a...


7 Oníris Colors

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 189, Points: 95

Finished comics Pages: 13

7 races were separated after the great war, now seven youths of different colors go on an adventure to end the curse of Deo


Dominic, the demon

Fantasy - SF by MauRi

Rank: 192, Points: 94

Finished comics Pages: 3

Little Dominic is an unusual demon in hell: is cheerful, funny and somewhat distracted. Accompany him on their crazy...



Fantasy - SF by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 201, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 17

What's beyond Death ?


Yggddrasill M.O.M

Fantasy - SF by Jinon

Rank: 214, Points: 89

Updated: 25Dec Pages: 18

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Jinon!



Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 215, Points: 89

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 35

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by JassBefrold!


Level 53

Fantasy - SF by Drawly

Rank: 217, Points: 89

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 36

The manga follows Yukari and Danella.Yukari wakes up without any memories of his own. What he is about to discover is a...



Fantasy - SF by satanasov

Rank: 225, Points: 87

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 9

A dark sci-fi adventure full of violence...



Fantasy - SF by DanmaxX

Rank: 237, Points: 84

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 10

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Fate (part of the series "Chronicles of the Zone")


Bloody Bastards

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 245, Points: 81

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 47

Montreal, 2313 A.D.... I could say i'm fine but my serenity died with the last of my "normal" fellows and i have three other...



Fantasy - SF by Strawberry

Rank: 258, Points: 77

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 19

A story full of adventure, action and... Dragons!
Discover the exploits of Dragan and his younger brother Echo, two Dragon...


W.A.R. The Legend of...

Fantasy - SF by Nihky

Rank: 268, Points: 75

Updated: 2Nov Pages: 25

Nyeleti a young panther, goes to see the wolf pack who raised her. But she will discover a grim purpose and be dragged into a...


Borders of the Black...

Fantasy - SF by Jaydehei, Sheitan

Rank: 272, Points: 75

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 37

Can anybody stop these terrorists? Maybe someone can... maybe Nuada and its soo funky style !


Spirit's Heart

Fantasy - SF by Sheeny

Rank: 278, Points: 73

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sheeny!


Dark Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by Nyuki

Rank: 282, Points: 73

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Nyuki!



Fantasy - SF by Jérôme, Norad

Rank: 286, Points: 72

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 5

"When Elie Met Sarah" is a futuristic love story showing the magic and certain excesses of today's society.


My Life Your Life

Fantasy - SF by Croa

Rank: 300, Points: 71

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 13

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Croa!


Snow Angel

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 302, Points: 71

Updated: 6Feb Pages: 15

Marina is baby-sitting her little sister, Milly and when it's time to go to bed, she starts to be a bit...uncooperative....



Fantasy - SF by hayard

Rank: 307, Points: 69

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 8

The story of the young Elysia, living on her moon without really knowing why or how. But one day, an android comes to the moon...



Fantasy - SF by Renkei Fuwarito

Rank: 308, Points: 69

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Renkei Fuwarito!



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 314, Points: 68

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 6

The prologue to a distopian future story


Black Burn Chronicles

Fantasy - SF by Sorane

Rank: 318, Points: 68

Updated: 24Jun Pages: 8

In the underworld, a war rages between angels and demons for centuries. Théo, 17 years old, is in the wrong place at the wrong...


Les Chroniques de...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 321, Points: 67

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 3

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by oristarck!



Fantasy - SF by valdé

Rank: 334, Points: 59

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 21

In a 22nd century ravaged by an atomic World War, resistance struggle against the totalitarian supremacy of the new World...


Flowers Memories

Fantasy - SF by BimiCerika

Rank: 335, Points: 58

Finished comics Pages: 11

Since his childhood, Alec has always hated flowers. But when his mother decide to leave for holidays, he has to take care of...


Bounty Hunter Gorak

Fantasy - SF by Gorak

Rank: 341, Points: 45

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 20

A space opera that follows the extraordinary adventures of Gorak, a bounty hunter exploring the galaxy in order to capture the...


The Agents Of Change

Fantasy - SF by Kimkael, zocario

Rank: 344, Points: 30

Updated: 17May Pages: 11

In a world which is prey to an elite which will do anything to enslave humans by using ingenious methods to remove any...


Comics and Manga available in other language


Fantasy - SF by Jason Brubaker

Rank: 26, Points: 173

Finished comics Pages: 148


Fantasy - SF by AngelCelestial

Rank: 35, Points: 95

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 16

Electro School Girl

Fantasy - SF by Russ Artiste

Rank: 38, Points: 161

Updated: 5Jun Pages: 86


Fantasy - SF by Winslow

Rank: 399, Points: 84

Updated: 23May Pages: 23

Unravel DNA

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 7, Points: 245

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 190

Mechanical heart

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 9, Points: 227

Updated: 09h00 Pages: 282


Fantasy - SF by mad crow

Rank: 10, Points: 223

Updated: 16h00 Pages: 295


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 12, Points: 213

Updated: 14Jun Pages: 295

Out of Sight

Fantasy - SF by Clover Doe

Rank: 20, Points: 191

Updated: 08h00 Pages: 73


Fantasy - SF by A.C.Puig, Jormest

Rank: 23, Points: 162

Finished comics Pages: 46

Nail Saga

Fantasy - SF by Dave-X

Rank: 23, Points: 183

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 85

Ecos en la Arena OS

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 31, Points: 152

Finished comics Pages: 27

La princesse Corbeau

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 33, Points: 163

Updated: 19h00 Pages: 76

Blood Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by ChristRoi

Rank: 39, Points: 161

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 85

Alpha Zero

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 43, Points: 144

Updated: 28Aug Pages: 38


Fantasy - SF by wickedalucard

Rank: 51, Points: 154

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 23

Kyuubi no Kitsune

Fantasy - SF by Layou

Rank: 53, Points: 154

Finished comics Pages: 100


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 56, Points: 152

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 17


Fantasy - SF by Enderman

Rank: 59, Points: 130

Finished comics Pages: 226

Legends of Yggdrasil

Fantasy - SF by Alwine

Rank: 60, Points: 151

Updated: 25Dec Pages: 82

Sagas Oniricas

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 62, Points: 130

Updated: 14Jun Pages: 33

Child of the Swan

Fantasy - SF by ELK64

Rank: 63, Points: 147

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 78

Like a Fairy Tale

Fantasy - SF by Aliz, Erein Aeternallis

Rank: 73, Points: 124

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 55


Fantasy - SF by EmmanuelSerpe

Rank: 77, Points: 141

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 13

Pirate 2.0

Fantasy - SF by Leonardbannelingbang

Rank: 85, Points: 138

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 7


Fantasy - SF by akicraveri

Rank: 87, Points: 137

Finished comics Pages: 113

The count Mickey Dragul

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 92, Points: 136

Updated: 16h00 Pages: 159


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 99, Points: 134

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 53

Borea, le Monde Blanc

Fantasy - SF by Sand Kerion

Rank: 102, Points: 134

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 13

Projet OMG

Fantasy - SF by tykayn, Reg Mirkaos

Rank: 111, Points: 130

Updated: 9Mar Pages: 43

Les aventures de Rodia

Fantasy - SF by la rolex

Rank: 120, Points: 128

Finished comics Pages: 61

Les divinités de Hmong

Fantasy - SF by HuaLi

Rank: 123, Points: 127

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 20


Fantasy - SF by Chibi Dam'z

Rank: 126, Points: 126

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 181

Shinágrand reinicio

Fantasy - SF by shinagrand

Rank: 133, Points: 99

Updated: 14Nov Pages: 40

Les légendes de Dunia

Fantasy - SF by Shindra

Rank: 136, Points: 125

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 61

Le corbeau et le renard

Fantasy - SF by Moewxa

Rank: 141, Points: 123

Updated: 24Jun Pages: 86


Fantasy - SF by hasame

Rank: 148, Points: 121

Finished comics Pages: 169


Fantasy - SF by Xion

Rank: 151, Points: 96

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 101

La chute

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 151, Points: 120

Finished comics Pages: 26


Fantasy - SF by Aisling

Rank: 152, Points: 119

Updated: 22Jun Pages: 70

Spirits Age

Fantasy - SF by Psycho Maneki, Hinamuko

Rank: 153, Points: 119

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 152


Fantasy - SF by manapany

Rank: 157, Points: 118

Finished comics Pages: 40

Inner Edge

Fantasy - SF by Tacto

Rank: 163, Points: 117

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 45


Fantasy - SF by DizonX

Rank: 167, Points: 116

Updated: 24Oct Pages: 17

Magic Girl

Fantasy - SF by Gustvoc

Rank: 168, Points: 92

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 305

Prince Wetterhahn

Fantasy - SF by ughen nicolas, Charline M

Rank: 173, Points: 115

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 11

New Order

Fantasy - SF by Iyoku

Rank: 174, Points: 115

Finished comics Pages: 28

Les contes de Gari -...

Fantasy - SF by Jéro

Rank: 176, Points: 115

Updated: 24Aug Pages: 30


Fantasy - SF by yukimiaou

Rank: 180, Points: 113

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 26

God's sheep

Fantasy - SF by imple

Rank: 183, Points: 113

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 562

Wolf of hope

Fantasy - SF by Estelou-sama

Rank: 190, Points: 112

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 3


Fantasy - SF by cyci16, Picabou

Rank: 200, Points: 110

Finished comics Pages: 21

Brain Breaker

Fantasy - SF by kilios

Rank: 200, Points: 84

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 32

Thief Aladino

Fantasy - SF by Edwing

Rank: 204, Points: 83

Updated: 21Oct Pages: 20

Histoires Troubles

Fantasy - SF by misscube

Rank: 205, Points: 110

Updated: 20Mar Pages: 34

Drielack Legend

Fantasy - SF by Siby Ogawa, eweklike

Rank: 211, Points: 109

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 21

XP Quest

Fantasy - SF by le nuage

Rank: 216, Points: 109

Finished comics Pages: 163

Circus Island

Fantasy - SF by Looche

Rank: 220, Points: 108

Updated: 22Jun Pages: 58


Fantasy - SF by ulmiacomics

Rank: 223, Points: 108

Updated: 14Dec Pages: 30

La Espada del Anormal

Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 226, Points: 79

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 29

Dawn tome 1 "Black and...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 229, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 32


Fantasy - SF by Guiom

Rank: 230, Points: 107

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 357


Fantasy - SF by Chr!ssia

Rank: 233, Points: 106

Updated: 11May Pages: 2


Fantasy - SF by Poncho

Rank: 236, Points: 106

Finished comics Pages: 30

Dhérita (la véritable...

Fantasy - SF by young sailor

Rank: 255, Points: 102

Updated: 3Jan Pages: 26

Silence Cage

Fantasy - SF by Elairin

Rank: 256, Points: 102

Updated: 11Oct Pages: 13

Demon's World

Fantasy - SF by Valne

Rank: 257, Points: 102

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

3 Ways to Epica

Fantasy - SF by Soturisi

Rank: 259, Points: 69

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 10

Journal intime d'un...

Fantasy - SF by chu helene

Rank: 259, Points: 101

Finished comics Pages: 157

Les Fantômes Vagabonds

Fantasy - SF by Tale

Rank: 260, Points: 101

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 38

J'aime un Perso de Manga

Fantasy - SF by Moygoth

Rank: 272, Points: 99

Updated: 20May Pages: 193


Fantasy - SF by Hellers

Rank: 274, Points: 99

Finished comics Pages: 175

On lave son linge...

Fantasy - SF by didizuka, Gernier

Rank: 278, Points: 99

Finished comics Pages: 16

- - - Obl : viO - - -...

Fantasy - SF by traumwelt

Rank: 298, Points: 97

Updated: 28May Pages: 15

Les origines oubliées

Fantasy - SF by acala mururoa

Rank: 316, Points: 95

Finished comics Pages: 16


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 321, Points: 94

Updated: 7May Pages: 450

Les petits gris

Fantasy - SF by Ruof

Rank: 324, Points: 94

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 16

prisonier de canyon

Fantasy - SF by katydid

Rank: 325, Points: 94

Finished comics Pages: 27


Fantasy - SF by cOrbac

Rank: 328, Points: 93

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 3

LA Tour Secrète

Fantasy - SF by RyuSam

Rank: 329, Points: 93

Updated: 1Jul Pages: 516

Phoenix Artefact

Fantasy - SF by Coqualier

Rank: 330, Points: 93

Updated: 7May Pages: 10

Exorcize Me

Fantasy - SF by Lizzie, Freakazoid

Rank: 332, Points: 93

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 53


Fantasy - SF by RUBY LOWEN

Rank: 336, Points: 92

Updated: yest. Pages: 158


Fantasy - SF by Bassworld

Rank: 340, Points: 92

Updated: 31May Pages: 187


Fantasy - SF by firemaw

Rank: 343, Points: 91

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 218

Erwan The Heiress

Fantasy - SF by Cali

Rank: 345, Points: 91

Updated: 3May Pages: 60

L'épée de Damoclès

Fantasy - SF by Miss-M

Rank: 348, Points: 90

Updated: 17Jul Pages: 53

Chroniques d'un nouveau...

Fantasy - SF by Larryon

Rank: 352, Points: 89

Updated: 20Sep Pages: 154

Valkia's Memory

Fantasy - SF by L'antre de Maddyson

Rank: 367, Points: 87

Updated: 13May Pages: 89


Fantasy - SF by Mokona

Rank: 376, Points: 86

Updated: 15May Pages: 24


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 377, Points: 86

Updated: 22May Pages: 128


Fantasy - SF by Timya

Rank: 379, Points: 86

Updated: 2Jun Pages: 127

Earth Life

Fantasy - SF by nikos

Rank: 381, Points: 86

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 60


Fantasy - SF by JAL

Rank: 383, Points: 85

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 32


Fantasy - SF by Romain Hernandez

Rank: 400, Points: 84

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 48

Le Fils de la Manticore

Fantasy - SF by Kazuoh

Rank: 401, Points: 84

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 14


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 402, Points: 84

Updated: 3Oct Pages: 53

Yôkai Destiny Sword

Fantasy - SF by Toshiro Muo

Rank: 404, Points: 83

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 131


Fantasy - SF by Gelweo

Rank: 405, Points: 83

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 31

Dragon's Crystal!!

Fantasy - SF by wanda357

Rank: 406, Points: 83

Updated: 23Jul Pages: 29

Dawn of the Sorain

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 423, Points: 81

Updated: 15May Pages: 98

Le 77ème Royaume

Fantasy - SF by RENart de rien

Rank: 426, Points: 81

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 92

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 1

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 432, Points: 81

Finished comics Pages: 32


Fantasy - SF by LMA

Rank: 433, Points: 80

Updated: 01h00 Pages: 113

Chroniques du...

Fantasy - SF by Trémor

Rank: 436, Points: 80

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 2

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 445, Points: 80

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 17


Fantasy - SF by Arsenia Guichard

Rank: 454, Points: 79

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 30


Fantasy - SF by firemax34

Rank: 459, Points: 78

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 100

Innocence Effacé

Fantasy - SF by Valtorgun

Rank: 460, Points: 78

Updated: 29Dec Pages: 21

Last Sekai X Rebellion

Fantasy - SF by LightWing-Kun

Rank: 481, Points: 75

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 33

Axel's World

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 487, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 33

Livre d'Antan

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 491, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 53

The Khrystal's Saviours

Fantasy - SF by JennyMiki, miyatsuki

Rank: 493, Points: 75

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 49

Djandora Mandabi

Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 495, Points: 74

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 15


Fantasy - SF by Chikara

Rank: 501, Points: 74

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 79

Le crépuscule des dieux

Fantasy - SF by Lex Dei

Rank: 505, Points: 74

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 40


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 514, Points: 73

Updated: 15Aug Pages: 12


Fantasy - SF by Miror-Z

Rank: 527, Points: 72

Updated: 21Aug Pages: 31

L'enfant des Limbes

Fantasy - SF by artificial

Rank: 535, Points: 71

Updated: 8Jan Pages: 7

Moon Drop

Fantasy - SF by Teirebe

Rank: 537, Points: 71

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 29

Pas d'Rôle

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 541, Points: 70

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 19

Je Sais

Fantasy - SF by Saza

Rank: 545, Points: 70

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 21


Fantasy - SF by Geoseize

Rank: 546, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 49

Les Héros de la Force

Fantasy - SF by stef84, Loïc Solaris

Rank: 548, Points: 70

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 6

not 8

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 550, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 40


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 563, Points: 69

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by MatthieuF

Rank: 570, Points: 69

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 4


Fantasy - SF by lalina mangas

Rank: 571, Points: 69

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 9


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 572, Points: 69

Updated: 18Apr Pages: 56


Fantasy - SF by dymew

Rank: 577, Points: 69

Updated: 25Nov Pages: 23

New Gaïa

Fantasy - SF by hibi

Rank: 579, Points: 69

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 15

L'infini et autres...

Fantasy - SF by Prisma

Rank: 580, Points: 69

Updated: 30Jul Pages: 20

Union Hors-séries

Fantasy - SF by Rosy=)

Rank: 585, Points: 68

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 12

La Petite Fille Aux...

Fantasy - SF by tsubame0613

Rank: 590, Points: 68

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 5

Dragon and Weed: Origins

Fantasy - SF by AtA

Rank: 595, Points: 68

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 1689

Jusqu'à mon dernier...

Fantasy - SF by Oz

Rank: 597, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 20


Fantasy - SF by sarell

Rank: 599, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 4

SunBurn!! Line of Fire

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 602, Points: 68

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 20

New war

Fantasy - SF by Hetri

Rank: 608, Points: 67

Updated: 1May Pages: 10

Secret Wizard

Fantasy - SF by Aredian

Rank: 609, Points: 67

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 14

Tchi & Kapputt

Fantasy - SF by polarfox

Rank: 612, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 48

L.C.D.O. Pirates des...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 616, Points: 67

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 27

Soul Shinigami !

Fantasy - SF by Matsuro95

Rank: 617, Points: 67

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 3

crystal fury

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 619, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 19


Fantasy - SF by BDShiN

Rank: 621, Points: 67

Updated: 27Jun Pages: 9

conquista! crêve coeur...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 623, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 42

La hiérarchie des yeux

Fantasy - SF by Dawa-Sama

Rank: 626, Points: 67

Updated: 8Aug Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by Julien Mestre

Rank: 637, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 8


Fantasy - SF by Mikipie

Rank: 640, Points: 66

Updated: 2May Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by aladin

Rank: 641, Points: 66

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 12

La légende de Grimbelyn

Fantasy - SF by NatsuKan

Rank: 656, Points: 63

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 81

Under the Sea

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 673, Points: 58

Finished comics Pages: 7


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 675, Points: 57

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 23


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 685, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 33

Dinosaur Punch

Fantasy - SF by Spikterz

Rank: 690, Points: 54

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 26

Daniel Elvis

Fantasy - SF by malcomaru

Rank: 695, Points: 53

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 8

Lee Roy

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 696, Points: 53

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 5


Fantasy - SF by kyoichii

Rank: 699, Points: 52

Updated: 22Nov Pages: 1


Fantasy - SF by daruko

Rank: 700, Points: 52

Updated: 14Jun Pages: 89


Fantasy - SF by KotoriShura

Rank: 703, Points: 48

Updated: 2Dec Pages: 47

LFDM : La fin de notre...

Fantasy - SF by leemon

Rank: 706, Points: 45

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 50

Jace, Ghost Hunter

Fantasy - SF by Morgila

Rank: 708, Points: 44

Updated: 11Aug Pages: 42


Fantasy - SF by Mb-Mangaka

Rank: 710, Points: 44

Finished comics Pages: 32

War of Forumeurs

Fantasy - SF by Roshe

Rank: 711, Points: 42

Updated: 5Dec Pages: 38

Jean-Norbert le...

Fantasy - SF by Mélicente

Rank: 712, Points: 42

Updated: 1Oct Pages: 26

Soul Revolution

Fantasy - SF by dangerdays9

Rank: 713, Points: 42

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 24

Alert Spoiler la bd

Fantasy - SF by Biscuit

Rank: 717, Points: 41

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 12

Timmy Manjaro

Fantasy - SF by mykilow

Rank: 719, Points: 35

Updated: 19Jun Pages: 123

Wake Up

Fantasy - SF by cooler_85

Rank: 727, Points: 27

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 9


Fantasy - SF by Shuruka

Rank: 728, Points: 27

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 7

L'ange et le démon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 729, Points: 26

Finished comics Pages: 1


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