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Horror manga, thriller comics full of mysteries, esotericism and scary stories !

Comics and mangas with original language: English


Thriller by Mart

Rank: 35, Points: 149

Finished comics Pages: 160

A story about 3 people struggling to save their souls in a world created by Death her self!

Every 5 years Death gives a...


Fuck You!

Thriller by Akeema

Rank: 38, Points: 148

Finished comics Pages: 9

A short, blunt anti-love story.


The Black Doctor

Thriller by Watapoku

Rank: 63, Points: 127

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 35

The Black Doctor is a man known on the internet for his ability to cure all kinds of illnesses without using medications or...


Saint's Way

Thriller by yasminliang

Rank: 88, Points: 112

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 53

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by yasminliang!



Thriller by River West

Rank: 105, Points: 107

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 10

The omnibus series with short comics about MMA, published in E-book.
Preview pages are provided for each chapter.

About the...


Between Worlds

Thriller by tenshianna

Rank: 108, Points: 105

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 90

Lynx, a knight of the kingdom and empire of Minoka. once proud and arrogant finds herself at the mercy of her senile ruler. A...


Bird - complete

Thriller by CrashBoomBang

Rank: 152, Points: 94

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 49

"Bird" is a story about a sceptical little girl who seem to care about nothing.
Being at a boring summer camp, she hates the...


For Blest and Holy Fools

Thriller by meissdes, noi-albinoi

Rank: 224, Points: 76

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 13

A quirky little vignette, which gives a wonderfully surreal twist to the familiar boy-meets-girl cliche


Rota Fortunae

Thriller by Keruo Nasumishi

Rank: 234, Points: 73

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 14

Rota Fortunae means the Wheel of fortune. In the past, people believed, that the goddess Fortuna spins the wheel with her...


Isuzu. The vampires clan

Thriller by pabloremiro

Rank: 245, Points: 70

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 13

Isuzu. The clan of vampires, comes to break many molds the world of vampires, and brings a new perspective about the...


Comics and manga translated into: English


Thriller by Devil_HS

Rank: 25, Points: 162

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 57




Restless Dreams

Thriller by Nuxcia

Rank: 31, Points: 156

Updated: 19Apr Pages: 76

Franz Eïnfrost is both a psychiatrist and a skilled assassin at the Solius Institute, a unique prison facility unlike any...




Rank: 33, Points: 152

Finished comics Pages: 214

A new foxy lady's in town !
She's up for ferocious battles against vicious enemies, mysterious twists and turns leading to...


Full Moon

Thriller by stef84, Blood Wolf

Rank: 39, Points: 146

Updated: 28Sep Pages: 164

Chris Wade is a police officer from Boston. One day, on his way home, he hears the cries of a woman who is being assaulted, so...


Night Feast

Thriller by hanada

Rank: 58, Points: 129

Updated: 14May Pages: 45

The year is 2024. When night falls the "birds" appear. They are called Nue, after the chimera of Japanese myth. The name of...


Irene et les Heimdalls

Thriller by Reen et Aka

Rank: 64, Points: 126

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 41

The human world is being protected from vampires and werewolves by guardian called Heimdalls. They are endowed with magical...


Only Two

Thriller by Jérôme

Rank: 73, Points: 120

Finished comics Pages: 235

OnlyTwo is a story mixing humor and love in an epic and pathetic runaway! It is not a story that will make you laugh, it's the...


The Moosecreek Incident

Thriller by kikealapont, Josu87

Rank: 86, Points: 114

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 48

In Moosecreek something horrible is about to be released. The people of Koyukons calls it by the name "the spirit of...


Fireworks Detective

Thriller by Art-of-Kawaii

Rank: 109, Points: 104

Updated: 10Jul Pages: 22

Crimes, cover-ups, murders, robberies ... It is this kind of cases that resolve Hanabi Matsuri and her partner Kenta. But what...



Thriller by Ogawa Niyako

Rank: 114, Points: 103

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 55

Cyber-crime noir story with a design-savvy leftfield art style, courtesy of artist Ogawa Niyako.


Aux Armes

Thriller by Marialexie

Rank: 120, Points: 102

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 158

The adventures of the two brothers Enrique and Marco. They are soldiers in a future world of "Zombie Apocalypse". "To arms,...


Seeking Dracula

Thriller by Monsieur To, Marlène

Rank: 121, Points: 101

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 19

"Seeking Dracula" is the story of the delusional Quest, as oppressing as vain, of a lady seeking for dracula.


Angelic Kiss

Thriller by DizonX

Rank: 124, Points: 100

Updated: 24Jul Pages: 82

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by DizonX!


Corredores Fantasmas

Thriller by Ichirou, Quadrinize

Rank: 145, Points: 95

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 23

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Ichirou and imagined by Quadrinize!


Oscar Fé

Thriller by H-def

Rank: 160, Points: 92

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 6

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by H-def!



Thriller by Estherrulez

Rank: 187, Points: 84

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 21

It's on the back of a crow that I'm taking you to Never Land my children !


Dark Eagle

Thriller by stephane censi

Rank: 192, Points: 84

Updated: 5Oct Pages: 9

A boxer with a promising future finds himself hunted by the police and unscrupulous men...



Thriller by yk84

Rank: 198, Points: 82

Updated: 6Aug Pages: 10

A short story about a gull


Léo et Monsieur Corbeau

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 199, Points: 82

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 15

Monsieur Corbeau (Mr Crow) is a weird being. Days and night in the cemetery, he's writing his long list of newcomers. He's...


Follow me

Thriller by ezysummers

Rank: 206, Points: 80

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 43

A story about a girl who lost her hope and dreams. But suddenly a new world opens up to her in an inexplicable and incredible...


Retro Futur

Thriller by Akioh

Rank: 211, Points: 79

Updated: 16May Pages: 23

France is under the occupation of USA after his fall in extremism and violence.



Thriller by 20100vega

Rank: 213, Points: 79

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by 20100vega!


No Future

Thriller by Soturisi

Rank: 228, Points: 74

Updated: 22Dec Pages: 14

"The remaining light is not always enlightening. And the one who walks alone is not always lost."

R. Wikilson

well hello I'm...


Bak Inferno

Thriller by 1LD3

Rank: 236, Points: 72

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 89

One day, Bak, a 17 years boy, meets a man dressed all in black who proposes him to sign a very special contract...



Thriller by imple

Rank: 239, Points: 72

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 25

"I promise you, I won't fight again"

we always pay one day for our mistakes. But how can we live when we lost our most...



Thriller by Esteryn

Rank: 240, Points: 71

Updated: 25Aug Pages: 12

A man meets five travellers, also stranded in a changing land. Tensions arise between them all and explode at night fall, when...


Zombie Hunters

Thriller by Jinshir0

Rank: 249, Points: 70

Updated: 2May Pages: 14

Go hunting zombies with Nami, who tries to survive in a world ravaged by a third world war and an invasion of zombies...


Ligeia the Vampire

Thriller by RICCI

Rank: 252, Points: 69

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 4

A group of Nazis embarked on an expedition to Transylvania looking for a fabulous treasure.


The Icarus Effect

Thriller by Gallardo

Rank: 256, Points: 69

Updated: 17Jan Pages: 3

The life of fifty people change dramatically when they discover that they have "super powers", although some of those powers...




Rank: 258, Points: 68

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 5

A short black-and-white strip about a hitman, by Russian artist Stanislav Shepin




Rank: 261, Points: 68

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 2

A two-page vignette from Ukranian artist Dmitriy Koydan's cycle "Morbid Dreams"


Ilusion de Vida

Thriller by C.A

Rank: 269, Points: 67

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 10

If you look behind you, you will see your mistakes, if you look ahead, you will see your possibilities. It is better that you...


Only Two - Hors Série


Rank: 306, Points: 24

Finished comics Pages: 36

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Jérôme!


Comics and Manga available in other language

City of Wolves


Rank: 71, Points: 67

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 9

Le Fil Rouge

Thriller by Linoa

Rank: 301, Points: 87

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 65


Thriller by maruna

Rank: 369, Points: 79

Updated: 15May Pages: 103


Thriller by B@book

Rank: 443, Points: 69

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19


Thriller by manapany

Rank: 6, Points: 252

Updated: 18h00 Pages: 98


Thriller by Yuki S., Jisuk

Rank: 37, Points: 170

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 108


Thriller by cddam

Rank: 52, Points: 159

Updated: yest. Pages: 51

On air

Thriller by Folco

Rank: 59, Points: 79

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 6

Le Poing de Saint Jude

Thriller by wekake

Rank: 60, Points: 153

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 34

My Destiny

Thriller by Chibi Dam'z

Rank: 128, Points: 118

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 113

Enemy inside

Thriller by Nowaki

Rank: 137, Points: 116

Updated: 4Jul Pages: 42

Valentín Mancera

Thriller by maledictus

Rank: 154, Points: 90

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 44

Le Magazine De L’Étrange

Thriller by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 157, Points: 110

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 153

Whisper in the Dark

Thriller by AngelMJ

Rank: 182, Points: 106

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 26

S.Bites B Side

Thriller by luro

Rank: 198, Points: 79

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 13


Thriller by Hiromi-Hana

Rank: 199, Points: 102

Updated: 30Dec Pages: 87


Thriller by BLACK RAVEN

Rank: 203, Points: 78

Updated: 2Jun Pages: 52


Thriller by stoon

Rank: 209, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 39


Thriller by weasel, Norad

Rank: 218, Points: 99

Updated: 17Aug Pages: 25

la mujer sin rostro

Thriller by darkkeferas

Rank: 266, Points: 59

Updated: 2May Pages: 8

Cuentos de Lorazepam

Thriller by Pauso

Rank: 274, Points: 57

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 4

Le voyage de Bo

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 296, Points: 88

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 10

Un Pistolet sur la Tempe


Rank: 315, Points: 85

Finished comics Pages: 22

Angels' Judgment

Thriller by Nooey

Rank: 319, Points: 85

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 48

Only Two, l'appel

Thriller by Jérôme

Rank: 326, Points: 84

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 24

God's Children

Thriller by Vavanemo

Rank: 330, Points: 83

Updated: 20Oct Pages: 12


Thriller by edbe

Rank: 348, Points: 81

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 87

destiny of cally

Thriller by lostmemorycs

Rank: 401, Points: 74

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 7

Blaze Master

Thriller by Redmagic

Rank: 408, Points: 73

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 33

La meute solitaire

Thriller by kei sakurada

Rank: 428, Points: 70

Updated: 20Dec Pages: 28


Thriller by Loic Sombo

Rank: 458, Points: 68

Updated: 19Mar Pages: 25

pilot hook

Thriller by katydid

Rank: 467, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 28


Thriller by Blood Wolf, stef84

Rank: 505, Points: 59

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 10

La Quêt du père disparu

Thriller by MaryRed

Rank: 512, Points: 57

Updated: 21h00 Pages: 4

Mad Wolf

Thriller by freewolf

Rank: 534, Points: 48

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 4


Thriller by Michaël

Rank: 538, Points: 42

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 2

Karasu no Hane

Thriller by Elsa Kisiel

Rank: 547, Points: 41

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 76

Le trésor

Thriller by roro318

Rank: 562, Points: 14

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 4


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